Match and Model

Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about the concept of Match and Model.  I have not been to a Tony Robins seminar, but I have met several people that have.  They have all said that one of the things he talks about is to find someone that has what you want, do what they do, and you will eventually have what they have.

I can’t tell you how many times I have driven by some really nice homes, or seen some really nice yachts and planes, and I just can’t wrap my mind around how someone could have so much money to be able to afford those things.  I have seen some really nice cars, eaten some really nice food, and constantly dream about luxurious vacations.  However, I don’t know of many people in my sphere of influence that has the kind of money to continuously afford these things.  If I am to follow Tony’s match and model plan then I would need to step outside my sphere of influence to find someone.  Do you have someone in your sphere that you know, or are you in search like me?

After joining my network marketing company, I slowly started meeting new people.  They introduced me to even more people, and eventually I got to meet some of the top income earners in our company.  After meeting them, I see how they live and know that living like that is possible.  Every Wednesday morning, I now get the opportunity to hang out with a guy who made six figures in his former job, and now makes over 500k per year in our network  marketing company.  He is down to Earth and willing to help as long as you are coachable and teachable.  Because of network marketing, not only do I have a vehicle to get me where I want to go, but also many mentors in this company that are willing to help me get there.

If you are in this industry and have not met the top people in your company, make it a priority to attend your company events.  At the events, go and talk to other people because you never know who will be willing to coach you and possibly introduce you to some of the top people in your company.  Find someone in your company that has what you want, and then Match and Model.  They could be the most important person you meet, and they could help not only define your life but forever change the course of you, your family, and your entire family lineage!

Good is the Enemy of Great

Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about Good being the enemy of Great.  Take a minute and look within yourself and everything you have accomplished so far in life.  Where you are at right now in your life?  Would you consider it to be Good or Great?


Before today, have you ever taken time to really think about the real difference between good and great?  Here are a few synonyms for the word ‘Good’: Ok, acceptable, satisfactory, favorable.  What about the word ‘Great’: excessive, abundant, extravagant, superior.

Are you ok with just being Good?  There are many things in life that could make someone feel like they are living a good life.  Some would say having a good life consists of things like having a good job, place to live, family/friends, money in the bank, being healthy, etc…  If you had all these things you might consider yourself to be living a good happy life.  If 95% of Americans live like this, then what exactly is Great?

Great people set goals and do anything and everything to not just achieve them but to exceed them.  They have passion, drive, and desire and no matter what happens in their life they will not settle for good because they know they can reach great!  They have made the decision to leave Good behind, because they know Great is just a journey away.

Why is Good the enemy of Great?  People start life wanting to reach greatness.  They have many aspirations and dreams.  Then after graduation, they get a job, get married, have kids, buy and accumulate stuff, and then start to get complacent and decide I’m living a Good life and I’m happy here.  I no longer need or desire to be great.  It is this mindset that many people fall into, and that is why Good is the enemy of Great.  You can’t obtain Greatness when you are satisfied with Good.

Don’t get me wrong.  You do not have to stay at Good.  But it will take changing your mindset and leaving Good behind.  Once you decide to start the journey to Great you must leave Good behind.  You will face struggles, obstacles, and even defeat a time or two, but if you simply stay the course, overcoming anything that gets in your way, you will eventually get to Great!

Are you happy being good, or do you want to be Great?

Finding the Perfect Prospect

Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about finding and recruiting the perfect prospect. When I first started, I had the same question.  If you have sponsored anyone into this business, then I’m sure you have been asked the same question.  The answer is always the same.  Before I tell you the answer, let’s take a quick poll.


Go find a compact mirror. They can be found in any purse in your house, or at any store.  Then take the mirror and open it up.  Walk up to your best friend and have them breathe on it.  Did it fog up?  I bet 100 bucks it did.  They are a prospect.  Now go to your parents, or your kids at home and have them breath on the mirror.  Did it fog up?  Find a CEO of a company and have him breathe on it, find a homeless person and see if the mirror fogs up for them.  The result of this poll, is if the person is alive and breathing, then the mirror should fog up.

Anytime the mirror fogs up you should consider them a prospect. There is no science in finding the perfect prospect.  They can be family/friends, old/young, rich/poor/, male/female, white/blue collar, the list goes on and on.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are some people that are better at building the business than others, but everyone can reach the same level of success.  In a previous post, I talked about finding and/or being the Ace.  Those people usually can reach their goals faster than others, but everyone is a prospect.  I have shared my company with a lot of people, and the ones I thought would say Yes said No, and the ones I thought were a No turned out to be a Yes.  So never, ever prejudge anyone.  Remember, if they can breathe on a mirror and it fogs up, show them your business.  Let them decide if it is for them or not!


Be the Ace you are looking for!

Greetings!  Did you read my last blog post were I talked about the analogy of the Ace?  If not read that blog post before you continue reading.  I related a deck of cards to your network marketing business as sorting through your new distributors looking for the Aces.


Today I would like to discuss the idea of you being the Ace.  The Ace is the highest card in many card games.  To be the Ace means you have what it takes to make it huge in this business.  I’m not saying that you can’t win if you are not an Ace, but the chances are smaller and just know it could take longer to reach your goals.

What is an Ace? An Ace is a person who is very driven, whether that is their personality or by choice.  We all know people who are driven.  They are the athletic type that set goals and don’t stop until they have achieved them.  EX: weightlifters, runners, pro sportsmen, etc…  Another group of people that can also be driven are business owners: even though that have it all, they are driven to reach the next level.  Can you think of anyone that you can’t play games with because if they are losing they will throw the board or find a way to cheat just so they don’t end up losing?  I could go on listing these kinds of people, but at this point you should have some of these people pictured in your mind.

How does being an Ace in this business help? If you are an Ace, then you are a very driven person, either like one of the above references, or perhaps you have simply made the executive decision that you WILL succeed because you have the desire be the ACE. Ace’s are those people that will go out, in spite of any obstacle, and share their business with everyone.  They are the ones that don’t put people in boxes.  Putting people in boxes means pre-judging whether a person will love this business idea so you have to show them, or determining they will not like it or understand it so I am not going to show them!  Ace’s will show everyone, talk to everyone, and they live by the philosophy, ‘Some Will, Some Won’t, So What…..Next!’

Even if you are not an Ace, you can still make it in this business. All you have to do is keep sharing your business with people.  You will eventually find an Ace and recruit them.  Depending on your business compensation plan, find as many Ace’s as you need.  If your company uses the Binary Comp Plan, you simply need to find two Aces.  Put one on the left team and one on the right team.   If your compensation plan is to build wide and not deep, just keep finding more Aces as your front line sponsors.  As long as you never quit and don’t put prospects in boxes, you will eventually build a HUGH team and be extremely successful, even if you are not an ACE!

The best place to find an Ace is in the mirror!

The Analogy of the Ace

Greetings!  Today I would like to discuss a topic that could help you be more open to sharing your network marketing company to your friends at a much faster pace.  This idea comes from a simple deck of cards.


Imagine for a second that you have a deck of cards in your hand.   The deck has been shuffled so you don’t know where the aces are located.  If I would be willing to pay you $100 if you found all four aces within 45 seconds, do you think you could flip cards one at a time fast enough?   I know I could.  Now let’s take that analogy and apply it to your business.

Imagine with me for a second.  The day you joined your network marketing company they handed you a deck of cards.  They said your job is to simply flip through the deck of cards and once you find all four aces you would be making $100,000+.  Before you get all bent out of shape telling me there is no way that is true, just follow along with me.  Each person you enroll in your business will represent one of these cards in your deck of cards.  We all know there are 52 decks in a card, not including the two jokers.  So in theory, if you showed and enrolled 52 people, of those 52 you enrolled, four of them would be your aces.  Out of those four people, your team could grow big enough to earn you a six figure income.


Here is the catch.  A lot of people will begin to share their company with their family and friends.   Once you get one of them to say yes, you flip over your card and you realize it is only a four.   You went through several family and friends to find the first person to say yes, and when you flipped the card it was only a four?  You do everything you can to turn the four into an Ace, but you just can’t seem to motivate them to do anything.  So you start showing more people.  A week later, you find another person to say yes to your business and then you flip the card and they are only a two.  You again try to motivate them to do something and they do nothing.  You start to wonder if this idea of a deck of cards is really true.  Then you go show more people and finally get another one to say yes.  You flip over another card and they are a Jack.  You think to yourself this is awesome.  This could be the turning point in your business.  Your last person was only a two and now you have a Jack.

You work with your new person and help them enroll two of their family/friends and realize they are only a five and a six.   Your Jack gets frustrated and stops showing people and you are back to showing more people yourself.  Although you are beginning to doubt the idea of the deck of cards, you wonder what if!  So you show more people, more say yes, and you flip over more cards… a three, a ten, an eight.  You then start getting frustrated and call your sponsor to find out what you are doing wrong.  He says you are not doing anything wrong.  As a matter of fact you are doing everything right!  You are showing people, enrolling people, and flipping your cards.  He goes on to say that we all have the same deck of cards when we enrolled in this company.  We all have four aces.  We just have to continue flipping cards until we find them.  In frustration you ask if there is anything you can do or say to the Jack to make him an Ace.  Surely there is something I can do to make that Jack an Ace.  He responds with some unfortunate news that no there is nothing you can say to do to make the Jack an Ace.  Just show more people!

Knowing you are coachable and teachable, you continue to do what your sponsor tells you to do, and you go show more people.  Then all of a sudden you put three people in at a launch event, you flip three cards over and they are a five, three, and an Ace.  When you finally get that Ace, your eyes light up because you know your business is about to forever change.  Within a week, that ace of yours has put in over 100 people on your team, and you just made $5000.

Now that you know this idea of the deck of cards is true, you start turning over cards faster and faster knowing that all you have to do is find one more Ace and it is game over.  Being in a binary compensation plan, you know that you only need one Ace on your left team and one Ace on your right team and there is no stopping the money that just flows your way.  At this point, you could care less about the twos, threes, and tens.  You are 100% focused on finding that second Ace.  Then a few months later, you are at dinner with your spouse and your waiter does a fantastic job.  So you start a conversation with her and realize that she is a single mom and has been praying for something to come her way.  You show her your business and when she says yes, you flip the next card and BAM, she is the Ace you have been looking for!

I understand that the deck of cards is just an analogy.  But how many times have you put in someone you thought would be awesome and they do absolutely nothing?  We don’t know who the Aces are.  All we can do is just continue to show more people until the Aces show up in our business.  How close are you to finding your first or possibly your next ACE?

Following up with Prospects

Greetings!  Today I would like to discuss the topic of Follow Ups. I had an appointment today to share my company, its products, and its business plan.  After the presentation, the prospect said he liked the products and could absolutely see him and his wife using the products and was intrigued by the possibility of making money.  He and his wife are going through some work changes in their life right now, including getting her lined up for retirement next summer.  He said he would love to discuss things further at that time and asked me to follow up with him then.


I can hear you thinking, if the prospect liked the products, and the possibility of making money doing this business, why did you not close the prospect. You might be thinking that if this was your prospect, then you would have closed the transaction and had a new prospect in your down line.  In one of my previous posts I discussed the no pressure close.  Anyone that you have to convince or persuade how awesome this industry is and they must sign up now, are probably not the best to have in your down line.  More than likely they will not work the business and will be gone in a month or two.  I find it better to just follow up with them later and when the time is right they will be ready.

After the appointment we said our goodbyes. He did not feel pressured which means we left on good terms.  I then added him to my calendar to follow up with him next summer, along with some notes about our conversation.  Next summer when I follow up, we can discuss what happened with their jobs and see if now might a better time in their life.  If she is retired it might be the perfect opportunity for her to move from her current job to a home based business.  It could be a Win Win for both of us!

Always remember to add follow-up appointments on your calendar.  By simply following up with them at a later date you could turn a No, or a No Not Now, into a Yes.  Yes is the end goal, and you might have to hear No a few times before you get to the Yes!   Following up is a key part in this business!


Anticipate Setbacks

Greetings! Today I would like to talk about anticipating setbacks.

I was in Chicago this weekend and visited the Alder Planetarium. I found this quote by Jim Lovell, a retired NASA Astronaut and wanted to share it for today’s blog.

If you want to be successful as an astronaut or as anything else, you have to keep trying. There will be disappointments in your life.  You’ll get so far and then there will be a setback.  And if you let the setback overcome your drive, your willpower, then you’re in trouble.

Jim Lovell

This quote can relate to a lot of things that you face in your life.  Since this blog is about Network Marketing, let’s look at this quote from that perspective. The first sentence says if you want to be successful then keep trying.  We discussed Never Quitting in another post but this just reiterates that point!  You have to keep on moving on.  Set your goals and never quit until you reach them, regardless of setbacks.


Next, if you have been in this business before, then you know setbacks happen. Your business is not growing as fast as you anticipated.  Your new representatives are not out recruiting or maybe they decided to quit.  You built a large team, but then one of your front line people decided to quit and join another company taking their entire team with them.  You recruited 25 front line representatives and last week 20 of them quit and now you are down to five.  These are just a few that I’ve either experienced, heard others in my company discussing, or read in some books.  Just anticipate that setbacks will happen in this business, so don’t let them take you by surprise!

That brings us to the last point. If you allow your setbacks to overcome your drive and willpower, then you’re in trouble.  When setbacks happen, stay focused on your goals and get out and start promoting the business like today was your first day in the business!  Treat your setbacks as a setup, and press on!


No Pressure Closing!

Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about the No Pressure Closing. The network marketing company I am involved with allows each team to have its own system.  My team’s system uses the no pressure closing.  This is perfect for me since I have never been in sales nor is my personality to try and convince someone to join, or somehow change their perspective on how this business is a much better long term choice than their Journey of the Broke (J.O.B.)


I am in the middle of the book, ‘Big Al’s Turbo MLM’, and there are a couple of chapters that discuss how this major hard closer had a 99% success rate. He could close anything.  He joined the company and wanted to help teach his sponsor how to close.  Since the sponsor had a very low closing rate, he said ok.  The sponsor setup the appointments and together they followed the system of sharing the business with 2 on 1’s.  (If you are not familiar with 2 on 1’s, that means 2 people from the company are meeting the 1 prospect).  The hard closer was 100% successful in closing 20 new prospects, but was a major jerk along the way, to close the sell.  The next month when the sponsor contacted each person to invite them to training, each one said they were busy and could not make it.  After digging deeper, he finally figured out the root cause was they were just not interested in doing the business.  The only reason they signed up was to get the hard closer off of their back and out of their house.

At this point, the sponsor quickly learned that his way of closing was much more duplicable because those that said YES really wanted to be a part of the company. Those people were willing to go to training and began to build the business, whereas those people that were forced into signing up were not.

Are you a hard closer, just trying to quickly build your down line?  Are you in this business to genuinely help people? People that have a real desire to make a change in their life will say yes.  If they say no, I have learned that usually means no…not now!  If you follow up in six months, maybe things in their lives have changed and it might be the right time.  Before you get to the closing in your next presentation, decide the closing you want.

The Choice is Yours!


Being Coachable and Teachable

Greetings!  I briefly mentioned today’s topic in another post.  Let’s dive into being Coachable and Teachable a little deeper.  When new people join this industry, you will want to make sure they have two things.  The first thing is desire.  Do they have something going on in their life that is driving them or giving them the desire to make this idea work, to see it through and never quit!  The second thing is are they Coachable and Teachable?


What do we mean by Coachable and Teachable?   After joining the company and before they are ready to get started… they will sit down with their sponsor or someone in their up-line that will train or teach your company/team’s system.  Every network marketing company has a system.  Every new recruit must be shown that system.  The system consists of how to Invite, what to say before/during/after the presentation, how to close, and finally how to train so you can duplicate the system over and over again!  There are tons of network marketing books and videos that will walk you through many systems.  Please take time to be taught the system that your company/team uses and stick with it.  The system is working for them and it will work for you!

Be forewarned, your sponsor might tell you to follow their system and if you deviate from that system in any way this might stop working with you.  Luckily, mine has not done that, but there is a chance yours might!  If/When you join a network marketing company and become a distributor/representative it is YOUR BUSINESS.  You are in charge of whether it is successful or not.  Therefore, you can choose to do things your way.  Thinking you can create a better system could cost you valuable time and money, so just coachable and teachable.  Listen and do as you are being taught.  As long as you continue to be coachable and teachable and have the mindset to never quit, you will reach your network marketing goals.  Then again you just might even exceed them!

Are you set in your ways or are you coachable and teachable?



Never Quit

Greetings!  I have been reading the book “Your First Year in Network Marketing.”  If you have not read this book yet, it is a great read with a lot of great information.  One of the key points they stress over and over is to Never Quit!  Once you have found the Network Marking company you want to join, then plug in, learn the business and products your business offers, and start sharing your business.  You will constantly be told NO I’m not interested, or NO now is not a good time in my life, or just flat out NO!  There are tons of excuses people will come up with, but it all boils down to NO!  You will get discouraged, but always tell yourself to NEVER QUIT!

Some people sign up with Network Marking companies with huge dreams and are in a hurry to get started and don’t take time to be coached.  If they had been coached, they would have learned that once they start sharing the business they will be told NO time and time again.  However, those that don’t get coached and quickly run out and start sharing their business idea with family/friends they are shocked when they hear NO!  WHY?  Because they know how awesome their company is and how great the products are.  They just can’t understand why this prospect can’t see how this industry is so awesome because it offers people their TIME back, Financial Freedom, and a way to have FUN traveling the world.  Not to mention the fantastic products their company offers.

At this point, the new Distributor/Representative starts to doubt their decision to join this company.  However, they continue showing more people.  Once a few more say NO they, get completely fed up and decide to quit.  They run off telling everyone they know that this industry must be a SCAM because they singed up and showed some people that all said NO.  However, if they had taken the time to be coachable/teachable, they would understand people WILL say NO!  They will also be taught that this industry is a Numbers Game.  Just like in Sales, Real Estate, and tons of other occupations, you have to hear NO before you get to a YES!  Just because a few said NO, that doesn’t make this industry a scam.  It just means they need to go share it with MORE PEOPLE!

Once you understand and have this mindset your outlook on this industry will drastically change.  Whether you have been in this industry for one day, one month, one year, or even five+ years, just remember, no matter what obstacles you face during your venture Never Ever Ever Never Quit!!!