Digging for Gold

You have to sift through a lot of dirt to find the Gold.


Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about the idea of Digging for Gold.  Imagine that you were alive in 1850 when the Gold Rush was going on in California.  You get a call one day from your friend who has just found his first piece of gold and tells you to get to California as quick as possible because there is so much gold out here you can just walk outside and pick up gold.

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Danger is Real, Fear is a Choice.


Greetings! I was looking through my notes from our company’s first national event of 2015.  We had six phenomenal speakers who poured into us the things they learned on their journey to the top.  Today I would like to discuss one of the subjects taught.  The subject is Fear and one of the speakers quotes was, “Danger is Real, Fear is a Choice.”

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Attending Company Events

If you are not attending your company events, you should be!


Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about attending your company events.  Have you ever been to a concert?  If so, picture yourself in the stands.  The lights are out, but the stage is lit up, fog filling the entire stadium, and strobe lights moving across the crowd.  Everyone is yelling, the energy is off the charts because your favorite band is fixing to take the stage.  The music starts and then you look up and see a helicopter approaching.  The crowd gets even louder as the helicopter lands on the stage.  Then the entire band jumps out and starts singing your favorite song.

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Casting Vision

Where there is no vision, the people perish


Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about casting vision.  Proverbs 29:18 says, ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish:’ This simply means that as a leader you will need to cast vision to everyone.  To people currently on your team and also to your prospects while presenting your business.  If you don’t continually cast vision, people will start dropping out of your business.  In our industry, those customers and distributors are how we get paid, so never stop casting vision!

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It starts by changing me!


Greetings!  Today I finished another network marketing book.  It is called ‘Make Your First Million In Network Marketing’, by Mary Christensen.  It is a well written book with tons of great information.  I am extremely happy to have read this book.  As you know from my blog I am, new to this industry.  At this point, my wife and I have been in our current network marketing company about nine months.  I have learned so much over the past nine months and that is why I blog; to share my stories and the things I have learned along my journey.

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The 3-Step Setup

Mastering this will have your prospects begging you to show them your presentation.


Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about one of most important things we learned at our New Member training class.  This is the absolute most important part of any presentation.  It lets your prospect know why you are meeting to share this business idea.  We call it the 3-Step Setup.

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Your First Year in Network Marketing


Your First Year in Network Marketing: Overcome Your Fears, Experience Success, and Achieve Your Dreams!

The book, ‘Your First Year in Network Marketing’ by Mark Yarnell and Rene Reid Yarness is one of the best books I read in my first year in this industry.  There are a lot of misconceptions in this business.  Things we have either picked up or been taught by other new people in the business.  I like this book because it dives into those misconceptions that you will eventually face.  If you read this book then you know what is coming and you can prepare for it.  Knowing ahead of time will help you see it through to the other side.

No matter how long you have been in this industry, this book is a must have for everyone in network marketing!

Go for No


Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There

The book, ‘Go for No!’ by Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton has changed my thinking about sales.  When you make a sale, you have this feeling of accomplishment, and you tend to want to go celebrate the success.  However, this book challenges that way of thinking.  It recommends setting your goals around finding people that will say no.  The more people that say no, the closer you are to a yes. Instead of celebrating the yes, we should celebrate the no.

I highly recommend this book.  It is a short and very easy read and will help you explore a new way of thinking.



Launch Parties

You need to schedule a launch party for every new distributor you enroll


Greetings!  Yesterday we talked about invites.  Today, I want to discuss launch parties and how to invite your prospects to them.

Fear of Loss

Once you have sponsored a new distributor, the first step is to schedule their launch event.  The event should be between 7 and 10 days from the day you enroll them.  During this time, you and your new distributor will be out showing their White Hot market which we discussed yesterday.  When you are with the White Hot market, you will be telling them you have already scheduled a launch event and will be sharing this business idea with a ton of people.  If they like the business idea, they need to lock in their spot in the organizational structure TODAY, or risk losing out on potential business that could result from the Launch Event.  Fear of Loss is one of the biggest motivators in this business.

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The Invite – The most important part of network marketing

Here are 3 ways you can invite prospects to get them to see your network marketing business

Greetings!  Our company had a New Member training event recently.  I would like to talk about what we learned at this event for the next few days.  Today’s topic will be the Invite.


Our team system consists of three different kinds of invites.  I will share each of them with you and tell you when to use each of them.  The first one is called ‘I’m Coming Over.’  When you sponsor a new distributor, you want them to show their white hot market ASAP.  White hot market people are those people you are extremely close to, those people you can call any time of the day and know they will be there to help you.  We like to use the Flat Tire analogy.  Here it is:

Let’s say it is 10pm at night and you are driving home.  All of a sudden you hear a strange noise and then all four tires go flat.  You have 1% battery left on your phone with no way to charge it.  Who would you call for help?

They will give you a name, and you write it down.  Then ask, “Who Else?” Continue asking “Who Else” until they have to think about it longer than 3 seconds.  Anyone outside of that window is not in their white hot market.  Using this analogy you might get one name or sometimes up to five names.  These are the only people you are going to invite using “I’m Coming Over.”

I’m Coming Over Invite

Here is how it works.  Simply have your new distributor call the first person on their list.  When the person answers the phone, your prospect is simply going to say, “Are you home?”  If they answer “Yes”, then their response is “Great, I’m Coming Over!”  Then hang up the phone.  Don’t say anything else or answer any questions, just Hang Up.  If they say No, just ask when will they be home.  If they say one hour, say “Great, I’m coming over and will see you then”, and hang up the phone.

3 Step Text Invite

The second invite we use is called the three step text invite.  You send a text message to your prospect and say, “Are you available to meet for [blank] this week?”  What you put in the blank is what you would normally do with that person.  Do you get coffee with them, do you eat brunch/lunch/dinner with them, perhaps golf, whatever you would do with this friend is what you fill in the blank.  They will respond with what day/time works for them.  Confirm day/time and give a location.  Once they confirm, you are finished.  If this is a friend you normally do this activity with, then they should not ask you why you want to meet, or what is this about.  They will just think you are meeting as usual.  This is the invite I use the most!

I Found a Way Invite

The last invite is the “I found a way”.  If you know what someone is looking for, or can help solve a need in their life, this is a great invite.  Let’s say your friend is single mom and tired of dropping kids off at daycare.  Text saying, “I found a way that you would not have to drop your kids off at daycare every day and thought you would be interested.  Would you be interested?”  They will say Yes, because you are helping solve a Need.  Then respond, “Great!  Meet me tonight at 7pm at my house, or let’s meet at Starbucks at 6pm, or great  I’ll swing by your house tonight at 7pm.”  They agree and you are done.  If they ask what this is about simply say, “It is a way that you will not have to drop your kids off a daycare everyday, you are still interested, right?  Great, I’ll see you tonight.”

Now you have three invites that you can use to continue to share your business idea with others.

Have Fun Inviting!