Go For No!

Stop looking for people to say Yes, and find more people to say No

Greeting!  A month or so ago I was told to read a book that would change my way of thinking.  As I sat down to read it, I became so completely mesmerized by the content that I could not put it down.  I read the entire thing in one sitting.  The book is called, ‘Go For No’.  I don’t want to spoil the book for you, but if you are in the network marketing industry or in the sales industry, then this is a must read.

Go for no

The key point of the entire book is found in the title.  Our whole life we have been taught that if we want to sell something we have to get them to say yes.  The more people that say Yes, the more money you make.  The author of this book said that is backwards.  We should not go looking for a yes, we are actually looking for a no.  So many times, we want people to say yes to our business, forgetting that a No is just as important as the Yes.  When we get a No, we might get discouraged and some of us bounce back up right away and show more people.  Others stay down for a few days or a week and finally bounce back up to show more people.  This downtime is what kills our momentum, which in turns kills our business!

I know you are wondering how does changing our mentality and actually going for no help us?  The answer to that question is in the statistics.  We all have our own set of statistics when it comes to our business opportunity.  The statistics I am referring to is your conversion/close ratio.  How many people you show to how many people say yes/no.  The key to going for no is simply to know what your close ration is and then create a goal to Go for No!

To break this down, let’s just put in some numbers.  If your close ratio is 10%, then for every 10 people you share your business with you get one to say Yes and nine of them to say No.  If you want to recruit 10 new distributors this month, then by doing simple math you can find out how many NOs you will need to get before you find 10 YESes.  Using the 10% ratio would you would have to go out and get 90 NOs to get 10 YESes.  Therefore, if you approach each and every prospect with the mentality of hoping to get a NO, then you will celebrate each No because you are one more person closer to your goal of recruiting 10 new distributors.

Changing your mentality to thinking in terms of Going for No can help you on so many levels and also keep you focused to achieve your goals.  Get out there and Go For No!

Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough!

Greetings!  Over the past month, I have been listening to a ton of audios from my company’s events, along with reading and listening to personal development books.  The major theme I have personally picked up is that Enough is Enough.  Once you get to that point in your life, things finally click and a change is made.  One of our trainers breaks it down even more by just saying Enough.


There comes a point in everyone’s life where you have simply had Enough!  Some people may reach that breaking point several times in their life, but we will all experience it at least once.  For example, you may have had enough with being overweight and you do something to change your mindset and loose the weight.  Maybe you are tired of traveling for work and miss being with your family or are missing watching your kids/grand-kids grow up.  How about being sick and tired of being broke?  What about being exhausted with your current friends because they are always negative and telling you that you can’t succeed? There are so many things that we experience in life that cause us to say Enough!

In the Network Marketing industry, the majority of people that choose to join have had Enough of something in their life and make the conscious decision to make a change.  I see two reasons why people join your company.  First, they see the business side of our industry and understand how it can help them make enough money over time to give them financial freedom.  Being financially free means we can choose to go to work or choose to spend time with those we love.  This industry gives us Time Freedom:  time to spend with family, time to travel the world, time to volunteer, etc….  The second reason people join are for the products your business offers.  I am a member of a Wholesale Travel Club because we love to travel.  You might be part of a cosmetic company because you love cosmetics, or perhaps a nutritional company because you want to be more healthy.  Whatever company you have decided to join or are considering joining should be because you love the product.  Maybe you had enough of sitting at your house and never traveling the world.  Maybe you are sick of being overweight and your nutritional company provides a way to remedy that.   We all join a company because we love the product, we will use the product, and as some point simply had Enough!

If you are new to this industry then you are probably wondering how many people do I need to share my business with to be successful?  How many people need to say yes for me to replace my income?  How many training events do I need to attend?  How many home parties do I need to throw?  The list of questions can go on, and on, and on…  The answer to that question is simply Enough!  The answer to each of those questions is different for everyone, which is why Enough is the only correct answer.  I have met one of the top earners in our company that has only personally sponsored 20 people.  Last night, I met someone else in our company that is only at the first level of residual income but has personally sponsored 60 people.

What does it take to be successful in this business… ENOUGH!  Just go out and do ENOUGH!  You will know when you have reached the end because Enough is Enough!


Keep focused on your Goals

Greetings!  I hope you are having a great 2016.  If you are like most people, then I’m sure you wrote goals for this year.  Now that we are a few months into the year, look back and see how you are doing.  If you got off course, now is the time to get back on course.

I used this photo in another post, but thought it would be good to use again to talk about goals.  We all get distracted and taken off the course when trying to reaching our goals.


In the picture, you can see your goals in the distance.  We all have goals.  They might just be in your head or maybe you have taken time to write them down.  Whether small or large, you have goals.  At the forefront of the picture, you find yourself with dreams in hand, walking down the street heading towards your goal.  All along the way, you have to face many different people and feelings.

We have all heard of Dream Squashers and face them along the way.  They can be Family, Friends, Pessimists, etc..  Each of these are depicted in the picture.  Also along the way, you run into fear.  We all have fear.  Fear of failure, rejection, taking action, etc… the list goes on and in order to reach your goals you must overcome these fears.  I am constantly facing new fears and having to find a way to stand up to them and force my way through them.  That is all a part of personal development which is why I have started reading books and listing to motivational speakers and trainers.  Put the good stuff in, and you will find that facing fears just might get a little easier.

Another item in the picture is guilt, which is another thing I constantly face.  The guilt I need to overcome is sharing my business opportunity with someone who then joins and never does anything with it and wastes well earned money on the enrollment costs.  I know my family and friends are not rich, and the guilt I face is knowing they wasted a couple hundred dollars to join my business only to quit a few months later.  I consistently have to tell myself that we have the best deal and this industry is a fantastic way for people like me to finally change the course of our life.  Actually, it is not only going to change our life, but our family, and our entire family lineage.  Reminding myself that by simply sharing this opportunity and letting them decide, not forcing them to say yes, I can impact not only my family and friends, but their kids, and their kids kids for many generations.  This is what tell myself to overcome this guilt.

We all have dreams and goals, and there are things on our journey that we have to face in order to reach them.  Just keep your eyes on the goal and consistently remind yourself of your dreams and one day they will become your reality.


If it is Going to be, then it is up to Me

This is your business and you have to go make it happen!

Greetings!  I am currently reading the book, “Make you first million in network marketing.”  Today I read the statement, “If it is going to be, then it is up to me.”  I would like to take a few minutes and discuss this idea.


I occasionally find myself wishing I was on a team where my up line was actively showing the business to people and putting them in the system on my team.  When I think about all the Spill Over I could have from my up line that I’m not receiving, I start getting gloomy.  I like this statement because when I say it out loud and think about what it means, I can turn my frown upside down.

This is MY Business

You see, this is MY business.  It is not my sponsors, or anyone on my up line.  I am solely and completely responsible for making this work or not work.  I know this industry can transform lives, and truly believe I can make this work.  That means it is 100% up to Me!

Leaders don’t expect spill over they CREATE spill over

I was talking with one of my up line leaders a few weeks ago and the phrase he used is along the same lines but it is, “Leaders don’t expect spill over, they create it.”  For those of you that do not know what spill over is, that simply means someone above you in your lineage tree puts one of their new representatives under you so now you can benefit from any business that person does.  I want to be the person creating Spill Over and not sitting around waiting for it.

This is my business and I am in charge of making it work

I am in charge of making this work.  That is why I am reading tons of network marketing books, and listening and reading books on being a better leader.  I am constantly listening to tons of audios from our company’s past training event.  I’m hanging out with positive people and not letting dream squashers tell me I can’t succeed.  I am putting good stuff in and leaving the garbage and naysayers out.

If it is Going to be, then it is up to Me!


Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, NEXT!!!

Network marketing is a numbers game, just go through the numbers.


Greetings!  I have never had the privilege to be in a sales position before, nor have I spent longer than a few weeks in a network marketing company.  Therefore, I had never heard the saying, “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, Next….  Since joining my company, attending company events, and talking with other people, I quickly picked up this phrase.  I was under the assumption this phase was coined by our company, but the more people I talk to, the more I realize this saying is well known across our industry and in the Sales industry.

What I like about this saying, and why I constantly repeat it over in my head, is the simple fact that this business is a numbers game.  It is evident that the more people you show the business idea, the more you will have some say, “Yes” or “No.”  Either way doesn’t matter to me. So What!  Don’t get me wrong.  I want to bless people by getting them started and helping them grow their business.  However, it is not up to me to decide for them or push them.  It is their decision.  Therefore, either way is fine with me. So What.

Some Will.  These are my favorite kind of recruits.  I have only had two people at this point in my career say “Yes” immediately.  I was shocked when they said, “Yes, I want to get started now,” since I had so many others say, “I need to think about it” or “No, this is not for me.”  Always be alert and never prejudge, because you never know who the decision makers are that will say, “Yes, how do I get started?”

Some Won’t.  There are numerous reason why someone would say, “No.”  It might not be the right time in their life.  They might be comfortable in life.  Owning a business might scare them. They don’t think they know enough people, or have the time or ability to build it.  Whatever the case may be, once you understand they are not interested, just thank them for their time.  After you are in your car headed to you next appointment, just repeat the phrase “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What!”

At this point you have done all you can do.  They know you are All In and you are going to make it happen.  You have set your goals and are on the moving train headed to your destination.  One day they might change their mind, which is why I take every “No” as a “No, not now.”  You have done your job sharing the idea with them and the rest is up to them.  Now go and show the next person.

Some Will, Some Won’t, So What, NEXT!!!


Handling Rejection

One of the biggest hurdles in building your own business.

Greetings!  I just watched a YouTube video from Barbara Corcoran.  She says that the key thing in being an entrepreneur is how you handle the rejection.  If we can get good at handling rejection, then we are way ahead of the game.  She also says that the only difference between the million dollar earners and the average earners is how quickly they can bounce back up after rejection.

After being in this business for nine months now, I can say I have experienced tons of rejections.  Luckily, no one had blown their top by griping me out until their face turns red, or slamming the door in my face, but rejection is still rejection.  When you get told “No” time and time again, it is easy to feel like something is wrong with you, or to think you are doing things wrong, and think poor me!  However, as Barbara says, “Everyone gets rejected; it is part of being an entrepreneur. The main thing that will set you apart is how quickly you get back up.”

Once we conquer the ability to handle rejection better, and start to bounce back up much more quickly, then I believe we will see things start to change personally and our business will begin to thrive.  I am continually working on this area of my business life and know this is part of this amazing journey.

We are all on a journey and handling rejection is just part of the process.  Learn to accept it and simply move on.  Some Will, Some Won’t, So What….  Tomorrow we will discuss the idea of Some Will, Some Won’t, So What.


How do you Value Yourself?

The way you value yourself will determine success or failure.

Greetings!  Today I want to talk about self-value.  How do you value yourself?  I was at a company training event this past weekend and we had many trainers come on stage, each with a different topic.  There are so many reasons for you to attend your company events.  The main reason I attend is for personal development.  One of the trainers this past weekend taught on the subject of self-value.  I loved the analogy so much I wanted to share it with you.

Picture yourself sitting at one of your training events.  The person on stage is  introducing the next speaker.  You rise to your feet clapping and cheering as they take the stage.  Once he reaches the stage, you proceed to sit down with paper and pen to take notes, and he proceeds to pull out a $100 dollar bill.  Then he asks the question, “How much value does this $100 dollar bill have”?  Everyone shouts out $100 dollars.  He then proceeds to fold the bill in half, and says, “Now that I folded this bill in half, how much is it worth”?  We all say it is still worth $100 dollars.  He then folds it in half again and asks the same question.  We respond that it is still worth $100 dollars.


He then beats it with his fists, throws it on the ground and steps all over it.  Then picks it up, unfolds it, and asks, “How much is this worth now”?  We all stay it is still worth $100 dollars.  “You mean to tell me that when I pulled out the crisp $100 dollar bill it was worth $100 dollars.  But after folding it, beating it, throwing it on the ground, and stopping all over it, that it is still worth the full $100 value”? We all say YES!

He then proceeds to say that is how you should value yourself.  In this business we get told NO countless times.  During the process we get beaten down, stomped on, and taken for granted.  Yet if the $100 still keeps it FULL Value, then why don’t you?  The reason you don’t is because you let other people tell you your value; you let what other say about you, and do to you determine your value.  That means your value is always changing.  You have a value and you are worth that value no matter what people say or do to you.  Have a purpose in your life, stand for what you believe, and don’t let anyone take your value away!


To hit the Jackpot you have to Play

To hit the network marketing jackpot, put in the time

Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about a quote from Flip Wilson. “You can’t expect to hit the jackpot if you don’t put a few nickels in the machine.” This particular quote could be taken in several ways.  I want to discuss it from my point of view in regards to network marketing.


We are all looking to sponsor more people into our business, whether it is just customers, or both Customers/Distributors.  Either way, you have to remember that people are not just going to pick up the phone and accidentally dial your number and ask to join.  You will need to put in some time and hard work first.  If you are new to this industry you will have to start meeting new people, making calls to your prospects, sending out texts to invite them to see your presentation.  No one will know that you are in business until you tell them.  You have to make the calls, do the presentations, ask if they are ready to get started, and finally get told No over and over.

If you want to hit the Network Marketing jackpot, then you must put in the nickels (time).  We have always heard that Time = Money, so go put in some time so you can start making money.

Go show three people your Business Opportunity Today!


Building your Database

Having a database is key to building any business

Greetings!  If you are new to network marketing, or perhaps you have decided to start a new business, the first thing you need to do is start building your database or list of names.  I have read that the average 21 year old knows about 750 people and if you are over 25 you know almost 2000 people.  I know that seems like a lot, but it is true.  Once you start remembering people from high school, college, church, sports teams, etc… you can quickly build your list.

Like any business, network marketing is about sharing your business with everyone you know.  The more names you have written down, the more potential prospects you have.  The database is the life of your business, so it needs to be continually fed as you meet new people and continue to remember others from your past.  The first thing is to just start writing down names.  I personally like to use Excel so you can sort by names or how you know them.  However you choose to get started doesn’t matter, Just Do It!

Here are a few categories that can help jog your memory:

Family, Spouse’s family, High School, College, Neighbors, Previous neighbors Distant relatives, Coworkers, Past coworkers, Retailers, Doctors, Club membership, Friends of Friends, Church, Christmas card list, Social media friends,  Plumber, Electrician, etc…

The memory jogger lists can go on and on, but the point is you know a lot of people.   It is just a matter of taking time to remember and getting their names written down and added to your database.

If you want a more detailed list, here is a link to Eric Worre’s Ultimate Memory Jogger.  He is the author of Go Pro.  If you have never read this book, I highly recommend it.

Once you have their names, then you can start contacting them and setting up appointments.  Always remember to ask for referrals.  Then add those referrals to your database.  However you choose to store your list of names, be sure to keep a backup copy because you never know when you might need to reach out to them in the future either for follow up or for another business opportunity!

Start building your database today and never stop adding to it!


Sharing your Business via 2 on 1’s

Increase your closings by using a 2 on 1 strategy

Greetings!  There are many books out there that will teach you how to share your business opportunity with your prospects.  Today, I would like to focus on one of these methods called the 2 on 1.  This approach is how our company and team recommend we share our business.

The 2 on 1 system is simply two people from your company sharing the business opportunity with one prospect.  Here is how it works.  Let’s say I just got started and my sponsor’s name is Bob.  I would schedule an appointment with my prospect, letting them know Bob will be joining me.  When we show up at the appointment, I would introduce the two of them and Bob shares the business to my prospect.  The 2 on 1 is not ganging up on one prospect but it is the senior partner coaching and teaching the new recruit how to share the business with prospects.

Once I learn how to share the business, then I go out with my new recruits and repeat the 2 on 1 process.  Doing this will insure that I am teaching my new recruits how to properly share the business with their prospects, and thereby creating what we call duplication.

Once you have been trained and know what you are doing, you will continue to share your business with your family, friends, or even strangers you meet.  This will allow you to continually build your team by adding more and more personal sponsors.  Once you are trained and your sponsor is not going on appointments with you anymore, you should still consider doing 2 on 1’s to have a third party expert to help you during the closing.  With this version of the 2 on 1, you are the one sharing the business but you have your third party expert there to share their story and also to answer any questions that might come up.  If you can’t find someone to go in person, you can simply have a 1 on 1 and after the presentation you can call your third party to share their story.  Either method produces the same results and increases your closing ratios.

The main reason I love 2 on 1’s is because when you have that third party expert there with you, the less you have to talk.  We all know that the less you talk the more money you make.