Closing a Network Marking Prospect

Using their party expert to close and how to handle objections.

CheersI talked a little about the closing in my presenting blog post.  To quickly review, as soon as the presentation is finished, you ask “That was awesome right?”  Then you ask the closing question, “So are you are you ready to get started with the business, the product, or both?”  If they are ready to get started, then you enroll them.  If they have questions, then get them on the phone with a third party expert to answer their questions.  The longer you are in the company, the more you will know how to answer their questions.  However, as we discussed, never answer their questions.  Always let a third party expert answer the questions.  It all comes back to everything you do has to be duplicatable.

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The Law of Navigation

Are you simply steering your ship, or did you take time to plot your course?


Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about another law I read in the leadership book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership”. Today’s law is called the law of navigation. This law means that people follow people who know where they are going.  These are the people who have taken time to chart the course and prepare the ship with all the necessary equipment for the ship and the crew.

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The Law of the Lid

What kind of lid do you have on your life that is keeping you from Succeeding?


Greetings!  I just started a new book this week and wanted to share it. I’m sure most everyone reading my blog has heard of this book and probably read it. However, if someone that heard of it yet, then take my advice and go buy the book and continue to work on yourself. The name of the book is “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell. Many leaders in my company have recommended it recently, so I purchased it off Amazon last week.

I want to take the next few posts and share my take aways from the book and how it applied to my life. The first chapter covers the first law, which is called “The Law of the Lid.” Let me share a story I once heard many years ago that will explain what I mean.

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The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership

21-laws-leaderhip-bookI finished reading another fantastic book that I would like to share with you today. The book is entitled, ‘The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership’ by John Maxwell. This is a must read book if you want to become a better leader. No matter what industry you are in, leadership skills can always help you grow you income and make you a better you.

This book brakes down the 21 laws you must follow if you want to become a leader that other will follow. The author uses great stories to help you understand what each law means and how you can apply it to you life and start becoming a better leader. Get you copy today and become the leader you need to become.

How to be a third party expert

One day your downline will look to you for help, do you know how to help them?


One day you will become your downline’s third party expert.  That means you will need to know what to do when this happens. The process is simple, but you get the harder part of handling objections!

By the time you get to being the third party expert, you should have developed your story.  Your story is a combination of why are you are involved in the company and what your results have been and how it has changed your life.  You will have listened to your mentor handle objections many times, so you should have a firm grasp on that.  These two things are the main parts to being a good third party expert.

Let’s dive into the details….

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Business Versus Hobby

Are you treating your business like a business or a hobby?

sailboatGreetings!  Today I would like to talk about the subject of business versus hobby.   If you have been reading this blog then you know that it is about my journey in the Network Marketing industry.  If you have ever been involved with a company in this industry, or perhaps you are currently a representative/distributor in a company right now, then today’s post is just for you.  In our business, we can treat it like a business or we can treat it like a hobby.  How are you treating it?

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How to build Rapport

You have to learn to talk to people in order to build rapport

RapportGreetings!  Have you already been building your business via your cold market prospects?  Perhaps you have some people on your list that you knew 10+ years ago and want to reach out but don’t know what to say.  Today I would like to talk about an idea that can help you open the communication with both of these prospects, and help you build rapport so that you can find out if they are a good fit for you and your business or products.

There are two acronyms I like to use to help remember the four things to discuss.  The two words are:  FORM and FORD.  The first three letters represent the same three ideas, it is the fourth letter that is a little different.  I will describe both and you choose which acronym you would like to adopt into your communication style.

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The Domino Effect

DominoGreetings!  Today I would like to talk about how much of an impact you can make in countless people’s lives by simply saying yes to the network marketing industry.  We call this “The Domino Effect!”  Remember when you were a kid?  You pull out the 12/12 domino kit, that is the extra big one with twice as many dominoes, and you stand the first one up vertically.  Then you grab another domino and stand it up about an inch behind the first one.  You continue to stack the dominoes making exciting turns and twists along the way.  You spend hours upon hours stacking, being super cautious not to tip over any of the dominoes.
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