The 3-Step Setup

Mastering this will have your prospects begging you to show them your presentation.


Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about one of most important things we learned at our New Member training class.  This is the absolute most important part of any presentation.  It lets your prospect know why you are meeting to share this business idea.  We call it the 3-Step Setup.

Step #1 – Your Why

The first part of the 3-Step setup is your WHY.  Why are you doing this business?  Your Why needs to be applicable to them by using Me Too situations not So What situations.  Let’s say your why is, “I am doing this business because I want to buy a new Ferrari.”  Very few people can relate to wanting to buy a Ferrari so in their mind they are thinking ‘So what, you want me to join your business so I can help you buy a Ferrari?’   Your why needs to be something they can relate to.  Something like, my parents are getting older and have medial costs that they can’t afford.  We have saved up some money, but never anticipated needing to help them out as much as we have.  Now that we are assisting them our savings account has depleted.  Since our entire life savings have been exhausted, we were searching and praying for an answer, and then we found it.  Most people can relate to medical bills and helping out their parents, so this is a much better WHY.

Step #2 – Big Deal / All In

The second step is to let them know this is a big deal and you are all in.  Whether you are new to this industry or have done something like this before, letting your prospect know that you have done your research on this company and it is a big deal, will let them know you are not playing around with this business.  This is not just something you are considering and if enough people say yes, then you are all in.  Whether they like it or not you are all in with this and nothing they say or do will change that.  This step is very simple and can be worded like this, “I have done my research on the company and I have met some of the top people.  This is a big deal and I’m all in.” If you want to use the poker table analogy say, “It is like I’m sitting at a poker table and when I was dealt this hand or business idea, I knew it was exactly what I was searching for and I am ALL IN!

Step #3 – Don’t Care

The last step is to let them know you don’t care if they join or not.  You are committed to this idea and will do it with or without them.  There is nothing they can say or do that will change your mind.  You simply say something like, “Listen, when you see this you might like it, or you might not get it right away.  Either way is fine with me.  I’m putting this idea in front of hundreds of people and I wanted you to be one of the first.  Is that cool?”

Sometimes I like to use the Light Bulb analogy.  I say something like, “Listen, you might see this idea and love it, and just like in the animated cartoons, a light bulb comes on.  Or you just might not get it right away, the light bulb does not come on.  Either way is fine with me….etc”  If you use something like this, then after the presentation you can simply say did the light bulb turn on?  It is the same as asking, “Are you ready to get started?

Use the 3-Step setup before every presentation

The 3-step setup is extremely important and should be done each and every time you share your business with someone.  It tells them why you are doing the business, that you are all in and you will excel at the business with or without them, and that you don’t care if they join or not.  If you can perfect this 3-step setup, then your closing ratio will start to improve just by adding before every presentation.  Remember that your Why needs to be compelling.  Draw back the curtains of your life and expose your pain.  The more you share and the better you can explain your WHY, the better you will be at signing up your prospect.




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