About Me

Greetings!  Thanks for visiting my blog traceyvancleveblog.com.  You will learn some new and exciting things about network marketing, leadership, and many other things.


Why I blog

I was once told by a man I respect that we have to invest, learn, and teach.  That means we invest our money and time to learn something and then we teach it.  I have taken that to heart and want to apply that to my life.  Blogging is the best way I know to take the things I have learned and reach the biggest audience.  Therefore, the reason I blog is to simply teach you the things I have learned and continue to learn throughout my life.  If you like what you read and find it adds value to your life, leave me a comment.  Knowing I added value to your life is more than enough for me to continue my plan to invest, learn, and teach.

 Things you will learn from my blog

The majority of my blog will focus on things I have learned during my journey in network marketing.   If you have never been in this industry then you might be pleasantly surprised it is not just about recruiting.  We have to work on ourselves via personal development.  To do this I read tons of books, so there will be blogs about the information I learned from them.  We have to learn how to become great leaders, so we can lead and teach other to become successful.  So, you will learn leadership skills that I have picked up along the way.  There are so many other ideas and topics related to network marketing that I will discuss.  You will gain valuable information that you can apply to your life, even if you are not in the network marketing industry.

About my family


My wife, Angela, and I have been happily married since May 2000.  We have no kids, but we do have two amazing black Labrador retrievers.  I know this might sound strange, but our moto has always been, “We will just figure it out!”  We got married young and people asked us how we will make it, and we just said that we will figure it out.  We start a new business and people ask how will you survive, and we just say that we will figure it out.  No matter what victory or tragedy comes our way, we know that together we can figure it out!

Our favorite thing to do

If you have known us for any length of time you will know that we absolutely love to travel.  We have visited six continents.  Of course, we are saving the best for last, Antarctica.  We have experienced everything from the poverty of third world countries to the riches of Dubai.  We have chartered sailboats and explored the islands of four amazing countries.  We have been able to scuba dive in some of the clearest waters in the world.  We have been on top of mountains with the most gorgeous views.  We love exploring God’s creation and continually thank him for all He has given us.  We are truly blessed!

SanFran Rome

How to reach me

Email – Feel free to send me an email anytime.

Blog comments – If you find value in any of my blog posts, feel free to show your love and leave a comment.  I will read and respond when I get a chance.

Facebook – Seems like everyone is on FB these days, here is a link to my profile

Periscope – This is a great app for your phone or tablet.  If you are not familiar, this app allows users to broadcast via a live video stream.  My profile name is traceyvancleve


I look forward to hearing from you!