Act Before the Pain, Not After!


Greetings!  I read a book called ‘The Millionaire Dropout’ by Vince Stanzione.  The book is great and has tons of self-improvement ideas.  One jumped out at me that I would like to share.  He said that many people wait until something disastrous happens in their life before they decide to take action.

It is kind of like knowing that you need to go see the dentist but decide to put it off.  Then one day you have this constant annoying pain.  You start flossing more, and using Sensodyne® toothpaste, and even numbing gel to ease the pain.  Eventually the pain is too much and you take action and book a dentist appointment.  You know that you could have prevented it by going to the dentist every six months, but instead you chose to wait until you experienced pain.

People follow the same path for their financial future.  They see the bills piling up and know their income source is not increasing.  They hope that if they ignore it, everything will work itself out. However, just like the toothache that eventually comes, so does the financial loss.  Cars get repossessed, homes are foreclosed on, eviction notices given, bill collectors call. The list goes on.  You have to learn to take action before the pain.

Some people have been exposed to the Network Marketing industry but for some reason decided that it was not for them.  Others have never heard of the idea and when they see it, they think it is too good to be true and pass on the opportunity.  Whether you have seen this business idea already or not, if you are already in pain, or are quickly headed into pain, this industry can help you resolve the pain or prevent you from reaching the pain.

Network Marketing is producing more millionaires than many other industries.  It doesn’t take a college education or a significant business idea.  It simply requires showing other people what you are doing and letting them decide for themselves.  Some will join you and others will not.  But saying yes to an idea like this could totally change your life.

Do you want to wait for the pain or are you ready to prevent the pain?


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