Anticipate Setbacks

Greetings! Today I would like to talk about anticipating setbacks.

I was in Chicago this weekend and visited the Alder Planetarium. I found this quote by Jim Lovell, a retired NASA Astronaut and wanted to share it for today’s blog.

If you want to be successful as an astronaut or as anything else, you have to keep trying. There will be disappointments in your life.  You’ll get so far and then there will be a setback.  And if you let the setback overcome your drive, your willpower, then you’re in trouble.

Jim Lovell

This quote can relate to a lot of things that you face in your life.  Since this blog is about Network Marketing, let’s look at this quote from that perspective. The first sentence says if you want to be successful then keep trying.  We discussed Never Quitting in another post but this just reiterates that point!  You have to keep on moving on.  Set your goals and never quit until you reach them, regardless of setbacks.


Next, if you have been in this business before, then you know setbacks happen. Your business is not growing as fast as you anticipated.  Your new representatives are not out recruiting or maybe they decided to quit.  You built a large team, but then one of your front line people decided to quit and join another company taking their entire team with them.  You recruited 25 front line representatives and last week 20 of them quit and now you are down to five.  These are just a few that I’ve either experienced, heard others in my company discussing, or read in some books.  Just anticipate that setbacks will happen in this business, so don’t let them take you by surprise!

That brings us to the last point. If you allow your setbacks to overcome your drive and willpower, then you’re in trouble.  When setbacks happen, stay focused on your goals and get out and start promoting the business like today was your first day in the business!  Treat your setbacks as a setup, and press on!


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