Are you a Leader or a Boss?

Leaders lead, is anyone following you?


Greetings! Today I would like to briefly talk about leaders.  I ran across this meme and just had to share it.  In this industry, we are all striving to become better leaders.  We start building our teams on our own and it can grow without us being leaders.  However, to hit higher ranks in the company we must learn to become leaders.

For many years, I thought leadership was only for certain kinds of people.  The image I had in my head of what a good leader looked like was not how I thought of myself.  However, over the years of reading books on success, leadership, personal development, etc… I began to realize that being a leader is nothing like I imagined.  It all boils down to leading people just like in the picture.  If people are following you, then you are leading them, which means you are a leader.  Being a good or bad is leader is up to you!

In multiple books of the Bible we see the analogy about the shepherd and the sheep.  The sheep follow the shepherd everywhere he goes.  Why?  Because they trust him to lead them into safe places and protect them from danger.  When I saw the picture above, it hit me that this is exactly what a leader does.  Leaders are on the front line sharing their expertise, helping employees grow in their career, and if they sense danger they will step up and protect.

As already discussed, we can start in this industry not being leaders but must quickly learn to lead.  The more we share the business and as more people say “Yes”, eventually we will have to learn to lead.  You can learn by doing which is the sink or swim model.  Or you can grab some books and hang around other leaders and learn.  I’m going with option two.  I understand that for others on my team to reach higher ranks, I must lead by example.  The only way I can lead is to be in the trenches doing exactly what they are doing.  That means that I must never stop showing people the business.  The larger the team becomes, the less time we have, but we must never stop building.  This business is all about leverage, and you and your team can build faster if you do it together!


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