Attending Company Events

If you are not attending your company events, you should be!


Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about attending your company events.  Have you ever been to a concert?  If so, picture yourself in the stands.  The lights are out, but the stage is lit up, fog filling the entire stadium, and strobe lights moving across the crowd.  Everyone is yelling, the energy is off the charts because your favorite band is fixing to take the stage.  The music starts and then you look up and see a helicopter approaching.  The crowd gets even louder as the helicopter lands on the stage.  Then the entire band jumps out and starts singing your favorite song.

The Energy

That is the kind of energy you experience when you attend a national event with your network marketing company.  The energy that gets you pumped and ready to go back home and blow things up is just one small element when it comes to attending company events.

Meeting new people

Another thing that I like about attending events is that I get to meet so many new people.  We are all in the same company, have the same goals, and encourage one another to be successful.  So many people join a network marketing company and want to do everything on their own.  It is like they want to be their own little island.  Network marketing is a team business.  You need others to help you along the journey and they need you.  Attending the events allows you to meet new people, get their contact info and stay in contact via social media.  This interaction makes sure you don’t fall into the isolation trap, and you have the help and assistance of others that want you to succeed.

Meet the trainers and people at the top level of the company

Another thing you gain by attending events is the chance to meet the trainers and top people in your company.  By going to the events and learning from the top earners in your company, you hear their stories and they teach you the system they used to get them to where they are today.  It is very rare that you will have access to these people, so attending the events is the only way to get to shake their hand, take a picture, and possibly interview them.  Don’t miss out on one this kind of mentorship, as it is what will take you from where you are to reaching your goals.

Build Belief

The most important thing you will get out of attending your company events is building belief in your company, its products, and yourself.  There is a statistic in our company that those that attend events make 22% more money than everyone else.  In my opinion, the main reason people who attend events make more money is because when you are at an event you see others doing exactly what you are doing and being super successful.  Knowing other people are selling the same thing you are and making things happen should boost your belief in yourself and get you fired up to go show more people your business.

There are three things you have to believe in if you want to be successful in network marketing.  First, this industry is a legitimate and prosperous industry.  People have tried it and failed time and time again, but it does work and it can change your life IF you Never Quit.  The second thing you have to believe in is your company and its products.  If you don’t believe in both, then you are not going to be successful in selling/sharing your business.  The last thing is belief in yourself.  Personal development is key to helping you understand yourself, learning how to better yourself, and building the self-confidence you need in order to draw more people to your business.  Attending your company events will boost all three of these areas, which in turn will get your more business and make you more money.

If you have not registered for your next event, then go register today!

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