Be the Ace you are looking for!

Greetings!  Did you read my last blog post were I talked about the analogy of the Ace?  If not read that blog post before you continue reading.  I related a deck of cards to your network marketing business as sorting through your new distributors looking for the Aces.


Today I would like to discuss the idea of you being the Ace.  The Ace is the highest card in many card games.  To be the Ace means you have what it takes to make it huge in this business.  I’m not saying that you can’t win if you are not an Ace, but the chances are smaller and just know it could take longer to reach your goals.

What is an Ace? An Ace is a person who is very driven, whether that is their personality or by choice.  We all know people who are driven.  They are the athletic type that set goals and don’t stop until they have achieved them.  EX: weightlifters, runners, pro sportsmen, etc…  Another group of people that can also be driven are business owners: even though that have it all, they are driven to reach the next level.  Can you think of anyone that you can’t play games with because if they are losing they will throw the board or find a way to cheat just so they don’t end up losing?  I could go on listing these kinds of people, but at this point you should have some of these people pictured in your mind.

How does being an Ace in this business help? If you are an Ace, then you are a very driven person, either like one of the above references, or perhaps you have simply made the executive decision that you WILL succeed because you have the desire be the ACE. Ace’s are those people that will go out, in spite of any obstacle, and share their business with everyone.  They are the ones that don’t put people in boxes.  Putting people in boxes means pre-judging whether a person will love this business idea so you have to show them, or determining they will not like it or understand it so I am not going to show them!  Ace’s will show everyone, talk to everyone, and they live by the philosophy, ‘Some Will, Some Won’t, So What…..Next!’

Even if you are not an Ace, you can still make it in this business. All you have to do is keep sharing your business with people.  You will eventually find an Ace and recruit them.  Depending on your business compensation plan, find as many Ace’s as you need.  If your company uses the Binary Comp Plan, you simply need to find two Aces.  Put one on the left team and one on the right team.   If your compensation plan is to build wide and not deep, just keep finding more Aces as your front line sponsors.  As long as you never quit and don’t put prospects in boxes, you will eventually build a HUGH team and be extremely successful, even if you are not an ACE!

The best place to find an Ace is in the mirror!

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