Being Coachable and Teachable

Greetings!  I briefly mentioned today’s topic in another post.  Let’s dive into being Coachable and Teachable a little deeper.  When new people join this industry, you will want to make sure they have two things.  The first thing is desire.  Do they have something going on in their life that is driving them or giving them the desire to make this idea work, to see it through and never quit!  The second thing is are they Coachable and Teachable?


What do we mean by Coachable and Teachable?   After joining the company and before they are ready to get started… they will sit down with their sponsor or someone in their up-line that will train or teach your company/team’s system.  Every network marketing company has a system.  Every new recruit must be shown that system.  The system consists of how to Invite, what to say before/during/after the presentation, how to close, and finally how to train so you can duplicate the system over and over again!  There are tons of network marketing books and videos that will walk you through many systems.  Please take time to be taught the system that your company/team uses and stick with it.  The system is working for them and it will work for you!

Be forewarned, your sponsor might tell you to follow their system and if you deviate from that system in any way this might stop working with you.  Luckily, mine has not done that, but there is a chance yours might!  If/When you join a network marketing company and become a distributor/representative it is YOUR BUSINESS.  You are in charge of whether it is successful or not.  Therefore, you can choose to do things your way.  Thinking you can create a better system could cost you valuable time and money, so just coachable and teachable.  Listen and do as you are being taught.  As long as you continue to be coachable and teachable and have the mindset to never quit, you will reach your network marketing goals.  Then again you just might even exceed them!

Are you set in your ways or are you coachable and teachable?



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