Danger is Real, Fear is a Choice.


Greetings! I was looking through my notes from our company’s first national event of 2015.  We had six phenomenal speakers who poured into us the things they learned on their journey to the top.  Today I would like to discuss one of the subjects taught.  The subject is Fear and one of the speakers quotes was, “Danger is Real, Fear is a Choice.”

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How do you Value Yourself?

The way you value yourself will determine success or failure.

Greetings!  Today I want to talk about self-value.  How do you value yourself?  I was at a company training event this past weekend and we had many trainers come on stage, each with a different topic.  There are so many reasons for you to attend your company events.  The main reason I attend is for personal development.  One of the trainers this past weekend taught on the subject of self-value.  I loved the analogy so much I wanted to share it with you.

Picture yourself sitting at one of your training events.  The person on stage is  introducing the next speaker.  You rise to your feet clapping and cheering as they take the stage.  Once he reaches the stage, you proceed to sit down with paper and pen to take notes, and he proceeds to pull out a $100 dollar bill.  Then he asks the question, “How much value does this $100 dollar bill have”?  Everyone shouts out $100 dollars.  He then proceeds to fold the bill in half, and says, “Now that I folded this bill in half, how much is it worth”?  We all say it is still worth $100 dollars.  He then folds it in half again and asks the same question.  We respond that it is still worth $100 dollars.


He then beats it with his fists, throws it on the ground and steps all over it.  Then picks it up, unfolds it, and asks, “How much is this worth now”?  We all stay it is still worth $100 dollars.  “You mean to tell me that when I pulled out the crisp $100 dollar bill it was worth $100 dollars.  But after folding it, beating it, throwing it on the ground, and stopping all over it, that it is still worth the full $100 value”? We all say YES!

He then proceeds to say that is how you should value yourself.  In this business we get told NO countless times.  During the process we get beaten down, stomped on, and taken for granted.  Yet if the $100 still keeps it FULL Value, then why don’t you?  The reason you don’t is because you let other people tell you your value; you let what other say about you, and do to you determine your value.  That means your value is always changing.  You have a value and you are worth that value no matter what people say or do to you.  Have a purpose in your life, stand for what you believe, and don’t let anyone take your value away!


Dream Squashers

Don't let them steal your dreams


Greetings!  How many times did you come up with what you thought was a brilliant idea?  It could have been a new invention that was going to make you rich, perhaps a business idea that was out of this world awesome, or perhaps a simple way to make your life or job easier.  You ponder the idea a little more, just to make sure it is a great idea before you share it with anyone.  Then you finally get the courage to share with your spouse, friends, boss, etc…

After sharing your brilliant and well thought out idea, what is the first thing that happens?  They pull out the shotgun and blow your idea to smithereens!  They might do you the courtesy of doing the Oreo cookie approach, by giving you a compliment before and after blowing up your idea, but the end result is the same.  You sitting there feeling like you just got the wind knocked out of you by a 350 pound linebacker.  That is what I like to call a Dream Squasher!

Dream Squashers are those people that no matter how good your idea is they will think it is horrible and do anything they can do to convince you that it is a really bad idea.  When it comes to Network Marketing those people are lurking around every corner.  I can’t tell you how many times someone looks at our company and business plan and are supper pumped, but they need to talk with spouse, Boy/Girl friend, parents, etc…  Then when they share this new business idea on how to make some extra money each month they get shot down.  It’s like they curl up in a little ball and wish they could die instead of posturing up and standing firm on their idea.  They were so excited about this opportunity, and knew this could be the absolute best change in their life, and yet they let one of the Dream Squashers ultimately destroy their dreams and any hopes of getting freedom.

If you have an idea and you know it is the best thing since sliced bread, do yourself a favor and no matter who you share it with, Never Ever let anyone talk you out of it.  We only get one life, so choose not to spend it in regret by always letting Dream Squashers talk you out of doing or being something great.  Listen and follow your ideas because they could lead you right into your dreams.  Remember to always DREAM BIG!!!



Good is the Enemy of Great

Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about Good being the enemy of Great.  Take a minute and look within yourself and everything you have accomplished so far in life.  Where you are at right now in your life?  Would you consider it to be Good or Great?


Before today, have you ever taken time to really think about the real difference between good and great?  Here are a few synonyms for the word ‘Good’: Ok, acceptable, satisfactory, favorable.  What about the word ‘Great’: excessive, abundant, extravagant, superior.

Are you ok with just being Good?  There are many things in life that could make someone feel like they are living a good life.  Some would say having a good life consists of things like having a good job, place to live, family/friends, money in the bank, being healthy, etc…  If you had all these things you might consider yourself to be living a good happy life.  If 95% of Americans live like this, then what exactly is Great?

Great people set goals and do anything and everything to not just achieve them but to exceed them.  They have passion, drive, and desire and no matter what happens in their life they will not settle for good because they know they can reach great!  They have made the decision to leave Good behind, because they know Great is just a journey away.

Why is Good the enemy of Great?  People start life wanting to reach greatness.  They have many aspirations and dreams.  Then after graduation, they get a job, get married, have kids, buy and accumulate stuff, and then start to get complacent and decide I’m living a Good life and I’m happy here.  I no longer need or desire to be great.  It is this mindset that many people fall into, and that is why Good is the enemy of Great.  You can’t obtain Greatness when you are satisfied with Good.

Don’t get me wrong.  You do not have to stay at Good.  But it will take changing your mindset and leaving Good behind.  Once you decide to start the journey to Great you must leave Good behind.  You will face struggles, obstacles, and even defeat a time or two, but if you simply stay the course, overcoming anything that gets in your way, you will eventually get to Great!

Are you happy being good, or do you want to be Great?