Danger is Real, Fear is a Choice.


Greetings! I was looking through my notes from our company’s first national event of 2015.  We had six phenomenal speakers who poured into us the things they learned on their journey to the top.  Today I would like to discuss one of the subjects taught.  The subject is Fear and one of the speakers quotes was, “Danger is Real, Fear is a Choice.”

The speaker I’m quoting has reached the top income level of our company 3 times since it was launched ten years ago.  He absolutely loves this industry and loves changing people’s lives.  One of the things he learned along the way is how to deal with fear.  Once he realized fear was a choice and began teaching all his personal sponsors this, his world changed.  He has helped hundreds if not thousands of people change their lives through this company.  He has also not helped a lot of people, because they would not learn to overcome or face their fears;  fears of talking to people, fears of inviting them to see the business opportunity, fears of closing the prospects.  You have to face your fears to make this business work.

At the end of his speech he said that he was absolutely afraid of snakes.  If a snake was anywhere around he would run the other way.  I completely agree with him as I am deathly afraid of snakes.  In order to face his fears, he publicly, right there on stage, faced his fears.  Two guys brought out a huge 100 pound snake and wrapped it around his body.  He finished the last five minutes of his speech holding this snake to show us that facing your fears is part of life and is a choice.  Are you willing to choose to face your fears?  Danger is real, Fear is a Choice.

We can read book after book, attend event after event.  We can learn everything about how to do this business.  But there is a difference between knowing how to do this business and actually doing this business.  There is a GAP between knowing and doing.  To get from knowing to doing you have to go through the gap.  The gap is called fear.

Are you ready to face your fears?

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