Decide, and Burn your Boat

A true decision to do something, means cutting off all other choices.

 Burn Your Boat

Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about making a decision to do your business.  Before we get into that let’s first look at the word ‘decide.’  The root word ‘cide’ means to Kill Off.  Words like Pesticide, means to kill pests, Genocide means to kill off a generation, homicide is the killing of a person.  When we look at the word ‘decide’ that means we have several choices and we have to decide what to do.  Once we decide what option we want to go with, we have to KILL OFF all other choices.  Remember ‘cide’ means to kill off, so if we decide, then we kill off all other choices.

I know you are wondering how this relates to your business.  If you are trying to decide if you can do the business, the first thing you have to do is make a choice.  There is a saying that says, “If you think you can do it, then you’re right.  If you don’t think you can do it your right!  Either way you are right.”  If that is true, why not DO IT, and possibly change the financial future for yourself and your family.  Make the choice/decide that your business WILL be successful, and KILL OFF the idea that it will fail.  You are the only one that can make that choice and you have to decide.

Once you have made your choice, you will have to kill off all other choices.  Think of it like being on a boat.  You are on a boat sailing in the ocean.  There are multiple islands you can visit, each representing the choices you are facing.  You decide to do this business and sail to that island.  Once you are there, you dock the boat and go visit the island.  However, if the boat is still docked and able to sail to another island then, I don’t think you have really decided that this is the island you want.  Leaving your boat docked means you can always go back to your boat and sail to another island.  If you really decide that this island is where you want to be, then you have to burn the boat.  Once the boat is burned and you are deserted on the island, then you have really decided you want to be there.  You can no longer sail to another island, because your boat is burned.  This island represents your business venture.

Sail Boat

Don’t get me wrong.  Network Marketing can be built on a part time basis, while holding down a full time job.  I know of a couple that has six kids and together they had six jobs.  Through our network marking company, they are now down to two jobs because they make enough money with our company to no longer need the income from the other four jobs.  Burning the boat doesn’t mean giving up your job, just that you are ALL IN with your company and are willing to see it through no matter what happens, no matter how long it takes.

Take a look inside yourself and ask this question, “Have I decided this business is for me, and have I Killed Off all other options by burning the boat?”

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