Digging for Gold

You have to sift through a lot of dirt to find the Gold.


Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about the idea of Digging for Gold.  Imagine that you were alive in 1850 when the Gold Rush was going on in California.  You get a call one day from your friend who has just found his first piece of gold and tells you to get to California as quick as possible because there is so much gold out here you can just walk outside and pick up gold.

So you get there as fast as you can and go out and start looking for gold but all you see is dirt.  You ask someone where all the gold is, because you were told that there is so much gold  just sitting on the ground for you to pick up.  They say, “No man, that is not true.  You have to DIG for it.”  So you get a shovel and start digging.  You spend a couple hours and still find nothing.  You ask someone else how long will you have to dig to find the gold?  He says it could be quick or take a long time.  You respond, “Well I could be sitting at my job working eight hours a day and at the end of the week I could get a paycheck.  It might not be huge, but at least I am trading my time for money.”  He said replies back, “Sorry, but this is how this digging for gold thing works.”  Would you rather dig for gold or sit at your job?

Since you are already there you decide to keep digging and sifting through tons of dirt.  After a few more days you finally find a piece of gold.  You are super excited because all those hours of digging and sifting have finally paid off!

That is exactly how network marketing works.  You could have a good job, working 8am-5pm and get paid for your time.  That is called trading time for dollars.  According to Robert Kiyosaki and his cashflow quadrant 95% of the population live like that and they only make 5% of the world’s money.  However, in the network marketing industry you become a business owner and in that category you do not get paid time for dollars.  You get paid for results.  Just like the guy digging for gold did not get paid until he found gold, those in the network marketing industry only get paid once people start joining their business or buying products.


In this scenario, digging in the dirt represents the people that say no.  The gold represents the people who join your business.  You are looking for people to join you, that’s how you get paid.  There are small pieces of gold and there are large chunks of gold.  You want to keep digging until you find the large chunks of gold.  In network marketing the large chunks of gold is what we consider to be the Aces.  Read my blog on the subject of Looking For Aces!  We are out showing people our business, digging and sifting through the dirt trying to find the people that will be the ACE or super star on our team.  You have to dig and dig and dig and dig, etc….    It could take months or even years, but I’m telling you, once you find a large chunk of gold your life can change in an instant.  That is why you should never ever quit this business!

Some people will join this industry and show a few people and quit because no one wants to join them in their business.  They blame the industry and tell everyone that it is a scam.  However, they do not understand that this business is a simple numbers game, just like the sales industry.  You will get a ton of people to say no to your business, but the ones that say yes put money in your pocket, and those people that are the large chunks of gold will put mega money in your pocket.  You have to stay in the business long enough to find them, and if you do your life will forever be changed!

If you are in this industry or are thinking about joining this industry, always remember to never quit, and always be digging for gold!


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