Dream Circle

Do you have a dream circle? Is your dream circle shrinking or expanding?


Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about the Dream Circle.  Growing up I had a poster hanging on my wall of a Porsche 959.  Since I was a kid, my dream has been to own one of these cars.  I would lay in bed day dreaming about driving it around with my dog in the front seat.  I told everyone that one day, when I got that Porsche, everyone would know that I had finally made it.  I was a success!


Big Dreams

Everyone growing up had dreams.  BIG DREAMS!!!!  Their dream circle was big because there were so many things inside the circle.  Things like owning a luxury sports car, massive yacht, a sports team, mansion, plane, helicopter, private island, golf course, etc…  Dreaming as a kid was endless because we did not know the value of a dollar and how much time we would have to trade for that dollar.  In a job, whether we are self-employed or work for someone else, we trade time for money.   Once we start making and spending money, we begin to understand what things cost.

The Price of a Whopper

As a teenager, when I started making money, the Whoppers at Burger King were only $1.  The Whoppers were so good that I wanted to eat them every day.  It got so bad that everything I wanted to purchase was compared to the value of a Whopper.  If I wanted to purchase something that cost $5, I would have to consider if that item was really worth $5 when I could go buy five Whoppers instead.  This might sound strange, but that is how I thought.  So my Porsche 959 was worth a lot of Whoppers!  At this point in life, all the things that I had placed in my Dream circle started to get the boot.   Maybe I don’t really need to buy a private island, besides there would be no Whoppers to eat on my island.  Maybe I don’t need both a plane and a helicopter, so the helicopter is gone.  As the years went by, many of the items in by Dream Circle got booted out of the circle.

Your Dreams Received the Boot

What started as a really big Dream Circle ended up as only a few items once I reached adulthood.  When it comes to this idea of a Dream Circle, the majority of us have had to make sacrifices to our dreams based on the amount of money and time we have as adults.  Think about what you used to dream about as a kid.  How many of your dreams have received the boot because of lack of money or time?

Dream Again

Start expanding your Dream Circle today by dreaming again.  Do not let your lack of time or money stop you from dreaming and reaching your goals.  There are many ways to make money in today’s society.  You just have to be open and looking.  I’m glad I found a fantastic company in the network marketing industry that is changing my life and my family’s life.  We are going to be able to not only dream again, but start expanding our dreams thanks to more time and money.

What does your Dream Circle look like.  Is it shrinking or expanding?  If it’s shrinking what you are going to do about it?  You could continue living like you are and hoping and praying something will change, but I have learned that unless you take time to identify what is going on in your life, and make a change, nothing will change.  If your dream circle is small, simply start dreaming again.  Pull out a piece of paper and start writing a bucket list.  Write out all the things you want to do, places you want to see, people you want to meet.  Nothing is too small, if you can think it write it down.

Make things happen by building belief

The next step is to find a way to make it happen.  There are only two things in your life that is keeping you from doing anything on that list.  Those two things are time and money.  Both of those can be fixed with network marketing.  There are three things you have to believe in to be successful in this industry.

  1. Belief in yourself
  2. Belief in your company,
  3. Belief in the network marketing industry.

Once you have the belief, then the next step is to master the invite, presentation, closing, training, and promoting.  Once you master these then the money will start to come in.  The more money you make the more time freedom you will have.  Once you have both time and freedom, you can start crossing off those bucket list items, and your dream circle can be as big as you want.  Time for you to go make that happen!


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