Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough!

Greetings!  Over the past month, I have been listening to a ton of audios from my company’s events, along with reading and listening to personal development books.  The major theme I have personally picked up is that Enough is Enough.  Once you get to that point in your life, things finally click and a change is made.  One of our trainers breaks it down even more by just saying Enough.


There comes a point in everyone’s life where you have simply had Enough!  Some people may reach that breaking point several times in their life, but we will all experience it at least once.  For example, you may have had enough with being overweight and you do something to change your mindset and loose the weight.  Maybe you are tired of traveling for work and miss being with your family or are missing watching your kids/grand-kids grow up.  How about being sick and tired of being broke?  What about being exhausted with your current friends because they are always negative and telling you that you can’t succeed? There are so many things that we experience in life that cause us to say Enough!

In the Network Marketing industry, the majority of people that choose to join have had Enough of something in their life and make the conscious decision to make a change.  I see two reasons why people join your company.  First, they see the business side of our industry and understand how it can help them make enough money over time to give them financial freedom.  Being financially free means we can choose to go to work or choose to spend time with those we love.  This industry gives us Time Freedom:  time to spend with family, time to travel the world, time to volunteer, etc….  The second reason people join are for the products your business offers.  I am a member of a Wholesale Travel Club because we love to travel.  You might be part of a cosmetic company because you love cosmetics, or perhaps a nutritional company because you want to be more healthy.  Whatever company you have decided to join or are considering joining should be because you love the product.  Maybe you had enough of sitting at your house and never traveling the world.  Maybe you are sick of being overweight and your nutritional company provides a way to remedy that.   We all join a company because we love the product, we will use the product, and as some point simply had Enough!

If you are new to this industry then you are probably wondering how many people do I need to share my business with to be successful?  How many people need to say yes for me to replace my income?  How many training events do I need to attend?  How many home parties do I need to throw?  The list of questions can go on, and on, and on…  The answer to that question is simply Enough!  The answer to each of those questions is different for everyone, which is why Enough is the only correct answer.  I have met one of the top earners in our company that has only personally sponsored 20 people.  Last night, I met someone else in our company that is only at the first level of residual income but has personally sponsored 60 people.

What does it take to be successful in this business… ENOUGH!  Just go out and do ENOUGH!  You will know when you have reached the end because Enough is Enough!


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