Fast is Fun, Slow Stinks

When you build a business, do you want to build Fast or Slow?


We have a saying in our company, “ Fast is fun, Slow stinks!”  This means that if you are building your teams slowly, then life stinks.  You will get bored with your business.  You might even start to question if this is really what you should be doing.  However, if you are building your teams fast, then you don’t have time to think about anything but how much fun you are having and how awesome this business has been for you.  Life is FUN!

Slow Stinks

Let’s talk about building slow.  If you are building slow then you already know and can relate to what I’m saying.  If you are building fast right now, I’m sure at some point it will slow down and then you will relate to this.  Everyone at some point hits a brick wall while building their network marketing business.  Some people call this phase of the business a plateau.

If you only go to the gym when you feel like it, then you won’t be in shape or look good!

If you only show up in your business when you feel like it, then you won’t be doing as much as you need to build Fast, and Slow Stinks!

During this, slow phase, your number one issue is that you are not doing enough inviting.  If you are not doing enough inviting, you don’t have an abundance mentality.  An abundance mentality means that you understand that there are millions of people out there and many of them are just waiting for you to invite them to see your business.  What you have is a scarcity mentality.  This means you feel like you are out of people to talk to.  You have talked to everyone you know, or so you think, and you are out of prospects.  You think that the only way to get new people is to reach out to your current enrollments and try and convince them to go show people.  Remember my blog post about the analogy of the ace?  If someone is a four, then there I nothing you can say or do to turn them into an ace.  You just have to go invite and show more people.  The only way out of the scarcity mindset is to talk to more people.  Be creative and find ways to meet new people.  Join a networking group.  Start attending some meetup groups in your area.   Enroll in a business or leadership training course/class.  There are tons of ways to meet new people; you just have to find it.

Do you invite to recruit?


Do you recruit to invite?

So the real question is how do you get out of the slow phase?  As we discussed, your number one issue is you are probably not inviting enough.  This leads me to believe you are probably working your business all by yourself.  If you build alone you build slow.  Building this business slow will take you forever!  You must learn to focus on recruiting to invite.  Take a look at the Table below and see how fast you team can grow with more inviters.

# of People Inviting                         1              2              4

# of Invites                                       10           20           40

# Sales / Join                                   2              4              8

Customer only                                  1              2              4

Customer & Rep                               1              2              4

Here how it works:  The first Row is the total number of inviters.  In the first column it is just you inviting.  You invite 10 people to see the presentation and 2 of them saying yes.  One becomes a customer only and the other becomes a customer and a Representative/Distributor.  Now look at the second column.  Now it is you and your new Rep.  Since there are two people inviting, that means together you invite 20 people to see a presentation.  Of those 20, four people join.  Two become customers only, and the other two become customers and Reps.  Now look at the last column.  There are 4 people inviting.  Each inviting 10, so together you are showing 40 people.  Of those 40 people eight join.  Four become customers and four become customer and Reps.

I know exactly what you’re thinking, “It never works like this!  If it did everyone would do it.”  I completely understand where you are coming from.  But the point I’m trying to make is to simply show you how having more inviters can help you build faster.  Having more inviters will also help you get out of the Slow Phase and move into the FUN Phase.  This is what we call The Big Mo!  Momentum has begun and you are well on your way.

Focus on the number of Invites NOT the number of sales!

Focus on the Discipline not the Results!


Fast is Fun

If you have not experienced this side of the business then you are in for a treat.  This is when you finally start reaping the rewards of all the hard work you have put in.  As one of our company trainers says, “This is where you get paid, get paid, get paid!”  During the slow phase you work tons of hours, and get paid very little.  But now the pendulum has shifted and you are overpaid and under worked.  Get to this point of your business and you will start to have FUN!

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