Fast Start Training – Score in 24

Want to build your teams faster? Follow this system to help each new enrollment score in 24.


Now that you have enrolled someone into your business, the first thing you need to do is walk them through a fast start training.  This means you will take about 10 minutes and walk them through the top few things to help them get their business off the ground.  You have taken your time to invite, present, and enroll, but you are not finished yet.  We have a saying in our company and that is Score in 24.  That means you need to help them enroll one new person within 24 hours of them enrolling.  We live by the philosophy that if you only enroll one, then you really haven’t enrolled anyone.  Once you help that person enroll one person, that is when you have really enrolled one person.  The saying is, “One is none, two is one!”  Going through this fast start training is what is going to help your new prospect to Score in 24!

The first thing you need to do is high five them and welcome them to the team.  Compliment them by saying they made a fantastic decision to join.  Tell them that even though they are in business for themselves, they are not in business by themselves.  They have you and the entire team at their disposal to help them become successful.  You believe in them and know that if they are coachable and teachable, you can see them hitting rank and getting to walk across the stage and share their story to thousands of people.  Here is where you cast a little vision of how you can already see them being successful.

Next, you are going ask a few probing questions so you can identify what they want to get out of this business.

  1. Why did you sign up?
  2. What do you need/want to get out of this to make it worth your time?
  3. Do you want to make a little money or a lot of money?
  4. If a lot, how much money per month?
  5. Do you want to go fast or slow?

These types of question will let you know how much time and energy they want to spend and what goals will get them there.  It also gives you permission later, when they start getting discouraged to reflect back and say, “Remember when you said you wanted to make $2,000 per month and you wanted to go fast?  Well, what I’m telling you will help you achieve that.  Are you changing your story, or are you ready to do this?”

Now that you know their goals and motivation for joining the business, you can put a plan together.  This can be done by calculating how many people they need on their team to hit that rank, and how many people they will need to sort through in order to get enough people to say yes so they hit that rank.  Here is an example.  If they want to make $2,000 per month and your compensation plan says they need to have a minimum of 150 people on their teams to do that.  Then to hit that number they will need to have shown at least 600 people, assuming you can close at 25% closing rate.  Remember to keep the word leverage in mind.  It is not just your new prospect showing 600 people, but them and their entire team needs to have shown 600 people.  That could be them and five of their team mates showing 100 people each!

Once they have a plan together on how many people they and their team need to show, the next part is to help them see how easy it is to do this.  First book their launch event.  To do this say, “Now that we have a plan, the first thing we need to do is to book your launch event.  What is a launch event?  A launch event is where we get together at your house or apartment and we invite your family and friends over so we can show them what you are doing.  I am available this Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday evening.  Which one do you want, or do you want all of them?”  Book the dates they agree to.  You want to ask for multiple dates so that they have options, but also to see how serious they are about wanting to go fast.  If they want to go fast they will book all of them!

Now that you have their launch party on the calendar, the next thing to do is to add them to your teams FB pages, twitter feeds, and any other apps that your teams uses.  Also. give them the dial in numbers for all your weekly team calls.  The more they feel connected, the longer they will stay motivated and will continue to build their business.

The next thing you need to help them make a list of names.  Do not ever ask them to make a list on their own.  You as the leader need to take the lead and make sure they do this right there with you.  Remember that your number one goal is to quickly train and help them Score in 24.  If you tell them to write their list and call you when it is done, they will not do it.  Lesson Learned!  Take the next few minutes and follow these few steps and you should have a list of about 20 – 40 people.  Here is what you do.

First, find out their white hot market.  We call those their flat tire people.  Here is what you say, “If you were driving and it was 10pm and all of a sudden all four tires blew out on you.  You have 1% battery left on your phone.  Who could you call that would come rescue you and would have money to tow your car?”  They will say a name.  You simply write that name down and ask, “Who else?”  They will give you another name.  You keep asking “Who Else” until they pause for about three to five seconds.  Once they have to think longer than a few seconds, those people are no longer in their white hot market.

Next, you want to get a list of names from people in their warm market.  Note that you are looking for a certain kind of people, not just anyone in their warm market.  There are the three types of people you are looking for and want to focus on first, as they will be more likely to enroll than others will.  Here are the three types of people and the questions you can ask your new enrollment to help them come up with names.  Remember to write down the names as they give them to you.  For each question, you will continue to ask, “Who Else”, until they pause for three to five seconds.  Once that happens, you just say that’s good, and ask the next question.

First Type: Driven/Ambitious

  1. Who do you know that is an athlete from high school, college, or professional?
  2. Who do you know that loves to work out at the gym?
  3. Who do you know that loves to run half marathons or full marathons?
  4. Who do you know that lives on commission or owns their own business? Ex: Real Estate agent, insurance agent, salesmen?
  5. Who do you know that has been or is currently in the military?
  6. Who do you know that is competitive? Someone that you will not play games with because they hate losing!

Second Type: Outgoing/Social Butterfly

  1. Who do you know that is the life of the party?
  2. You are at a club, wedding, or social event, who is the first person on the dance floor?Who do you know that is bubbly and loves to have fun?
  3. Who do you know that wears animal print or huge earrings?
  4. Who do you know that is on a social committee?

Third Type: Dissatisfied

  1. Who do you know that is sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  2. Who do you know that hates their job?
  3. Who do you know that hates their car?
  4. Who do you know that hates dropping their kids off at daycare?
  5. Who do you know that does not make enough money, or thinks they are not getting paid what they are worth?

After going through those questions you should now have a list of about 20 – 40 names.  Next, you are going to walk them through a few invites that they can use to reach out to their names list.  You can see the different types of invites in the Invite Section.  However, I do want to quickly review the invite for the white hot market.  These are flat tire people and these are the ones you will want to get in front of in the next 24 hours.  This is going to be the best way to help your new enrollment Score in 24.  While you are still there with them, you will make them reach out to all of their white hot market.  The invite is so easy and can be done via text or phone call.  Which ever your new enrollment prefers.  My suggestion is a phone call so you can see how they communicate on the phone and can coach them.  They will soon be making calls without you, so it is better so see how they sound while you’re there and can give feedback.

Again, these are their white hot market so they should feel comfortable calling and inviting themselves over which makes this invite so easy.  The invite is simply asking, “You Home?”

They will say yes or no.  If yes, simply say, “Cool, I’m coming over” or “I’m going to pop by.”

If you are calling them, just hang up, so they don’t have time to ask why.  If they say they are not home, ask them when they will be home.  If they say in about two hours, then respond, “Cool, I will pop by in two hours.”  That is the entire invite.  Once the appointment is set, then you either get in your car and drive over, or continue to set appointments until your first appointment time.

On the drive over to the appointment, you will coach your new enrollment how the appointment will flow.  You will tell them what to say as soon as they walk in the door.  Something like how they just found something so exciting and they just had to share it with them.  Then have them introduce you to their friend.  Make sure they introduce you as the expert.  This will let their prospect know who you are and why you are there.  Now you are the third party expert, and you will be the one doing the presentation and answering questions for your new enrollment.

After the presentation, you enroll them and walk them through the same fast start training process!  Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.  Help each new enrollment Score in 24 hours.  If you can master this, then your teams will grow like crazy!

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