Finding the Perfect Prospect

Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about finding and recruiting the perfect prospect. When I first started, I had the same question.  If you have sponsored anyone into this business, then I’m sure you have been asked the same question.  The answer is always the same.  Before I tell you the answer, let’s take a quick poll.


Go find a compact mirror. They can be found in any purse in your house, or at any store.  Then take the mirror and open it up.  Walk up to your best friend and have them breathe on it.  Did it fog up?  I bet 100 bucks it did.  They are a prospect.  Now go to your parents, or your kids at home and have them breath on the mirror.  Did it fog up?  Find a CEO of a company and have him breathe on it, find a homeless person and see if the mirror fogs up for them.  The result of this poll, is if the person is alive and breathing, then the mirror should fog up.

Anytime the mirror fogs up you should consider them a prospect. There is no science in finding the perfect prospect.  They can be family/friends, old/young, rich/poor/, male/female, white/blue collar, the list goes on and on.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are some people that are better at building the business than others, but everyone can reach the same level of success.  In a previous post, I talked about finding and/or being the Ace.  Those people usually can reach their goals faster than others, but everyone is a prospect.  I have shared my company with a lot of people, and the ones I thought would say Yes said No, and the ones I thought were a No turned out to be a Yes.  So never, ever prejudge anyone.  Remember, if they can breathe on a mirror and it fogs up, show them your business.  Let them decide if it is for them or not!


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