Following up with Prospects

Greetings!  Today I would like to discuss the topic of Follow Ups. I had an appointment today to share my company, its products, and its business plan.  After the presentation, the prospect said he liked the products and could absolutely see him and his wife using the products and was intrigued by the possibility of making money.  He and his wife are going through some work changes in their life right now, including getting her lined up for retirement next summer.  He said he would love to discuss things further at that time and asked me to follow up with him then.


I can hear you thinking, if the prospect liked the products, and the possibility of making money doing this business, why did you not close the prospect. You might be thinking that if this was your prospect, then you would have closed the transaction and had a new prospect in your down line.  In one of my previous posts I discussed the no pressure close.  Anyone that you have to convince or persuade how awesome this industry is and they must sign up now, are probably not the best to have in your down line.  More than likely they will not work the business and will be gone in a month or two.  I find it better to just follow up with them later and when the time is right they will be ready.

After the appointment we said our goodbyes. He did not feel pressured which means we left on good terms.  I then added him to my calendar to follow up with him next summer, along with some notes about our conversation.  Next summer when I follow up, we can discuss what happened with their jobs and see if now might a better time in their life.  If she is retired it might be the perfect opportunity for her to move from her current job to a home based business.  It could be a Win Win for both of us!

Always remember to add follow-up appointments on your calendar.  By simply following up with them at a later date you could turn a No, or a No Not Now, into a Yes.  Yes is the end goal, and you might have to hear No a few times before you get to the Yes!   Following up is a key part in this business!


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