Go For No!

Stop looking for people to say Yes, and find more people to say No

Greeting!  A month or so ago I was told to read a book that would change my way of thinking.  As I sat down to read it, I became so completely mesmerized by the content that I could not put it down.  I read the entire thing in one sitting.  The book is called, ‘Go For No’.  I don’t want to spoil the book for you, but if you are in the network marketing industry or in the sales industry, then this is a must read.

Go for no

The key point of the entire book is found in the title.  Our whole life we have been taught that if we want to sell something we have to get them to say yes.  The more people that say Yes, the more money you make.  The author of this book said that is backwards.  We should not go looking for a yes, we are actually looking for a no.  So many times, we want people to say yes to our business, forgetting that a No is just as important as the Yes.  When we get a No, we might get discouraged and some of us bounce back up right away and show more people.  Others stay down for a few days or a week and finally bounce back up to show more people.  This downtime is what kills our momentum, which in turns kills our business!

I know you are wondering how does changing our mentality and actually going for no help us?  The answer to that question is in the statistics.  We all have our own set of statistics when it comes to our business opportunity.  The statistics I am referring to is your conversion/close ratio.  How many people you show to how many people say yes/no.  The key to going for no is simply to know what your close ration is and then create a goal to Go for No!

To break this down, let’s just put in some numbers.  If your close ratio is 10%, then for every 10 people you share your business with you get one to say Yes and nine of them to say No.  If you want to recruit 10 new distributors this month, then by doing simple math you can find out how many NOs you will need to get before you find 10 YESes.  Using the 10% ratio would you would have to go out and get 90 NOs to get 10 YESes.  Therefore, if you approach each and every prospect with the mentality of hoping to get a NO, then you will celebrate each No because you are one more person closer to your goal of recruiting 10 new distributors.

Changing your mentality to thinking in terms of Going for No can help you on so many levels and also keep you focused to achieve your goals.  Get out there and Go For No!

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