Good is the Enemy of Great

Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about Good being the enemy of Great.  Take a minute and look within yourself and everything you have accomplished so far in life.  Where you are at right now in your life?  Would you consider it to be Good or Great?


Before today, have you ever taken time to really think about the real difference between good and great?  Here are a few synonyms for the word ‘Good’: Ok, acceptable, satisfactory, favorable.  What about the word ‘Great’: excessive, abundant, extravagant, superior.

Are you ok with just being Good?  There are many things in life that could make someone feel like they are living a good life.  Some would say having a good life consists of things like having a good job, place to live, family/friends, money in the bank, being healthy, etc…  If you had all these things you might consider yourself to be living a good happy life.  If 95% of Americans live like this, then what exactly is Great?

Great people set goals and do anything and everything to not just achieve them but to exceed them.  They have passion, drive, and desire and no matter what happens in their life they will not settle for good because they know they can reach great!  They have made the decision to leave Good behind, because they know Great is just a journey away.

Why is Good the enemy of Great?  People start life wanting to reach greatness.  They have many aspirations and dreams.  Then after graduation, they get a job, get married, have kids, buy and accumulate stuff, and then start to get complacent and decide I’m living a Good life and I’m happy here.  I no longer need or desire to be great.  It is this mindset that many people fall into, and that is why Good is the enemy of Great.  You can’t obtain Greatness when you are satisfied with Good.

Don’t get me wrong.  You do not have to stay at Good.  But it will take changing your mindset and leaving Good behind.  Once you decide to start the journey to Great you must leave Good behind.  You will face struggles, obstacles, and even defeat a time or two, but if you simply stay the course, overcoming anything that gets in your way, you will eventually get to Great!

Are you happy being good, or do you want to be Great?

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