Handling Rejection

One of the biggest hurdles in building your own business.

Greetings!  I just watched a YouTube video from Barbara Corcoran.  She says that the key thing in being an entrepreneur is how you handle the rejection.  If we can get good at handling rejection, then we are way ahead of the game.  She also says that the only difference between the million dollar earners and the average earners is how quickly they can bounce back up after rejection.

After being in this business for nine months now, I can say I have experienced tons of rejections.  Luckily, no one had blown their top by griping me out until their face turns red, or slamming the door in my face, but rejection is still rejection.  When you get told “No” time and time again, it is easy to feel like something is wrong with you, or to think you are doing things wrong, and think poor me!  However, as Barbara says, “Everyone gets rejected; it is part of being an entrepreneur. The main thing that will set you apart is how quickly you get back up.”

Once we conquer the ability to handle rejection better, and start to bounce back up much more quickly, then I believe we will see things start to change personally and our business will begin to thrive.  I am continually working on this area of my business life and know this is part of this amazing journey.

We are all on a journey and handling rejection is just part of the process.  Learn to accept it and simply move on.  Some Will, Some Won’t, So What….  Tomorrow we will discuss the idea of Some Will, Some Won’t, So What.


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