How do you Value Yourself?

The way you value yourself will determine success or failure.

Greetings!  Today I want to talk about self-value.  How do you value yourself?  I was at a company training event this past weekend and we had many trainers come on stage, each with a different topic.  There are so many reasons for you to attend your company events.  The main reason I attend is for personal development.  One of the trainers this past weekend taught on the subject of self-value.  I loved the analogy so much I wanted to share it with you.

Picture yourself sitting at one of your training events.  The person on stage is  introducing the next speaker.  You rise to your feet clapping and cheering as they take the stage.  Once he reaches the stage, you proceed to sit down with paper and pen to take notes, and he proceeds to pull out a $100 dollar bill.  Then he asks the question, “How much value does this $100 dollar bill have”?  Everyone shouts out $100 dollars.  He then proceeds to fold the bill in half, and says, “Now that I folded this bill in half, how much is it worth”?  We all say it is still worth $100 dollars.  He then folds it in half again and asks the same question.  We respond that it is still worth $100 dollars.


He then beats it with his fists, throws it on the ground and steps all over it.  Then picks it up, unfolds it, and asks, “How much is this worth now”?  We all stay it is still worth $100 dollars.  “You mean to tell me that when I pulled out the crisp $100 dollar bill it was worth $100 dollars.  But after folding it, beating it, throwing it on the ground, and stopping all over it, that it is still worth the full $100 value”? We all say YES!

He then proceeds to say that is how you should value yourself.  In this business we get told NO countless times.  During the process we get beaten down, stomped on, and taken for granted.  Yet if the $100 still keeps it FULL Value, then why don’t you?  The reason you don’t is because you let other people tell you your value; you let what other say about you, and do to you determine your value.  That means your value is always changing.  You have a value and you are worth that value no matter what people say or do to you.  Have a purpose in your life, stand for what you believe, and don’t let anyone take your value away!


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