How to build Rapport

You have to learn to talk to people in order to build rapport

RapportGreetings!  Have you already been building your business via your cold market prospects?  Perhaps you have some people on your list that you knew 10+ years ago and want to reach out but don’t know what to say.  Today I would like to talk about an idea that can help you open the communication with both of these prospects, and help you build rapport so that you can find out if they are a good fit for you and your business or products.

There are two acronyms I like to use to help remember the four things to discuss.  The two words are:  FORM and FORD.  The first three letters represent the same three ideas, it is the fourth letter that is a little different.  I will describe both and you choose which acronym you would like to adopt into your communication style.

The letter “F” stands for Family.  This simply means you talk about their family.  “It has been, what, 10 years since we last spoke, so how is the family doing?”  You can ask about their parents, kids, dogs, etc…  The more you know about their family in the past the more you can discuss.  This is a great ice breaker to get them communicating with you after the prolonged time lapse since your last dialogue.

The letter “O” stands for Occupation.  You can ask where they are working now.  What they do for a living?  Does their spouse work or are they a stay at home mom?  Are the kids in college or are they working now as well?    Follow up questions to ask in order to dig deeper are how do you like working there?  What do you like best about what you do?  What do you like least about what you do?  With that job title they must pay you a fortune! Would you or your wife like to be a stay at home mom instead of dropping the kids off at the daycare letting someone else raise your kids?  During this part of the conversation look to probe a little deeper than just surface talk.  You want to find some pain in their life.  Something they wish they could change.  This is what you will use when you move into the presentation and closing portion.

The letter “R” stands for Recreation.  What do they like to do in their spare time?  What hobbies do they have?  Maybe they like to run, vacation, watch TV or movies, sail, fly planes, etc…  Most people are too busy for recreation, and they will tell you that.  Their form of recreation is playing with the kids on the weekends, or watching TV every night.  If they mention an activity that you like, take time to discuss it.  That helps build more rapport and helps the conversation to feel more relaxed if there is still any hesitation at this point of the conversation.

Here is where the two words split.  For the acronym FORD, the letter “D” stand for Dreams.  Talk about their dreams.  What did they envision life to look like right now?  Are they living that dream right now, or are they at least on the path to still reach that dream?  What are their future dreams?  Would they like a bigger house, boat, vacation home, or just go on a vacation?   For the acronym FORM, the letter “M” stands for Message.  What message are you trying to give them today by talking to them?  If you are in sales this is where you would try and turn the conversation into a sale.  Perhaps a real estate agent would say, “As you know I’m in real estate, so if you know anyone looking to buy or sell, let me know”  The message or the reason for the call was to catch up, but also to inquire if they know anyone looking to buy or sell.

However, I assume you are in network marketing since you are reading this blog.  So, let’s talk about transitioning from the FORM or the FORD communication style and help you move into the presentation.  This is a pretty easy task if you probed deep enough to find out some of their pains.  You do that by simply saying something like, “Based on our conversation, it sounds like your job doesn’t pay you enough money and things are tight right now.  I know you both work and paying for child care must cost a fortune.  Being in debt doesn’t help either.  Look, if I could show you a way to help you not only make some extra money each month, but allow your wife to be a stay at home mom so she can raise the kids, would you be open to taking a look?”  We always use the term “Open” when asking this question.  Also, be sure not to use words like opportunity or business when asking if they are open.  If they ask what it is, just remember the answer from the Invite section, “It is a way to help to make more money, get out of debt, and let you wife be a stay at home mom, are you open to at least taking a look?”

If you are meeting for coffee, then just go straight into your three step setup and show them your business.  If you are having this conversation over the phone, then schedule a time to meet for coffee or invite them to a live event to show them the presentation.  If you want to sort faster you can show them over the phone by doing your three step setup, and pointing them to your online video or website.  You will get better results if you can meet in person!

Using either acronym, FORM and FORD, is a great way to open the lines of communication, find out their pain, and use that information to guide the conversation into your presentation.



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