If it is Going to be, then it is up to Me

This is your business and you have to go make it happen!

Greetings!  I am currently reading the book, “Make you first million in network marketing.”  Today I read the statement, “If it is going to be, then it is up to me.”  I would like to take a few minutes and discuss this idea.


I occasionally find myself wishing I was on a team where my up line was actively showing the business to people and putting them in the system on my team.  When I think about all the Spill Over I could have from my up line that I’m not receiving, I start getting gloomy.  I like this statement because when I say it out loud and think about what it means, I can turn my frown upside down.

This is MY Business

You see, this is MY business.  It is not my sponsors, or anyone on my up line.  I am solely and completely responsible for making this work or not work.  I know this industry can transform lives, and truly believe I can make this work.  That means it is 100% up to Me!

Leaders don’t expect spill over they CREATE spill over

I was talking with one of my up line leaders a few weeks ago and the phrase he used is along the same lines but it is, “Leaders don’t expect spill over, they create it.”  For those of you that do not know what spill over is, that simply means someone above you in your lineage tree puts one of their new representatives under you so now you can benefit from any business that person does.  I want to be the person creating Spill Over and not sitting around waiting for it.

This is my business and I am in charge of making it work

I am in charge of making this work.  That is why I am reading tons of network marketing books, and listening and reading books on being a better leader.  I am constantly listening to tons of audios from our company’s past training event.  I’m hanging out with positive people and not letting dream squashers tell me I can’t succeed.  I am putting good stuff in and leaving the garbage and naysayers out.

If it is Going to be, then it is up to Me!


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