Is your prospect a ‘Polite No’?

Greeting!  Today I would like to talk about a simple question that will help sort your prospects faster.  I was speaking to one of my up line leaders the other day, and he taught me this simple question.  After every presentation if his prospect doesn’t say “How do I get started”, but instead has an objection, he asks this same question every time.

“Is that just your polite way of saying No”?  Then he closes his mouth and doesn’t say another word.  He lets them answer and listens to what they say.  Some will say Yes, I’m really not interested, thanks for not being so pushy.  Then you know they really are a No, and you no longer have to spend any more time talking about your business opportunity nor will you have to follow up with them at any time in the future.  They are sorted and you move on to the next prospect.

If they say No, I really like this idea and can see how it can help me; BUT…  Then you can try and start overcoming objections.  Your up line leaders can teach you how to overcome objections, but why waste your time and there time if they are a No?

I don’t know if you have realized this about the network marketing industry, but we are in the sorting business.  Over time, you will learn that some will say yes and others will say no.  The majority of the time it doesn’t really matter what you say, as you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person, or the right thing to the wrong person.  You just show them your business, and once they understand it, they can make a decision.  Once the decision is made, they are sorted.  If they are a No, move on and show the next.  If they are a Yes, enroll them and start training and mentoring them.  If you just go through the numbers and sort, you will eventually reach your goals.  The faster you sort the faster you get there, so go share your business with someone today!


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