It starts by changing me!


Greetings!  Today I finished another network marketing book.  It is called ‘Make Your First Million In Network Marketing’, by Mary Christensen.  It is a well written book with tons of great information.  I am extremely happy to have read this book.  As you know from my blog I am, new to this industry.  At this point, my wife and I have been in our current network marketing company about nine months.  I have learned so much over the past nine months and that is why I blog; to share my stories and the things I have learned along my journey.

This past weekend we had another new member training and the speaker talked about becoming a Professional Network Marketer.  Just like with any career, if you want to become better and know more, you have to read books.  I want to take my career from amateur to professional this year.  Reading books is not just fun for me, but it is also a part of my business goals.  In order to become a professional, you have to go to training, read tons of books on the subject, work on personal development, learn to be a leader, and surround yourself with other successful people.

In the past nine months I have read about six books on network marketing and have listened to countless CD’s in my car and I feel like my eyes are just now opening up to this how big of an impact this industry can have on my life and family.  I am starting to see how this industry can help me reach my goals and dreams.  I dream of being financially free and helping anyone that wants to join me on this journey achieve their dreams.  The book I finished today ends with a poem that I would like to share.

I dream a dream to change the world

But don’t know where to start.

I am just one person,

One tiny little part.

They told me I could do it

If only I could see

There is a way to change the world;

It starts by changing me.

The way to reach your dreams is to change yourself.  Reading books on personal development, listening to successful people on how to change your mindset, stop hanging around negative people, and stopping with the negative self-talk.  Write down some positive things about yourself and remind yourself every day how awesome you are, and your world might just turn upside down!


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