Keep focused on your Goals

Greetings!  I hope you are having a great 2016.  If you are like most people, then I’m sure you wrote goals for this year.  Now that we are a few months into the year, look back and see how you are doing.  If you got off course, now is the time to get back on course.

I used this photo in another post, but thought it would be good to use again to talk about goals.  We all get distracted and taken off the course when trying to reaching our goals.


In the picture, you can see your goals in the distance.  We all have goals.  They might just be in your head or maybe you have taken time to write them down.  Whether small or large, you have goals.  At the forefront of the picture, you find yourself with dreams in hand, walking down the street heading towards your goal.  All along the way, you have to face many different people and feelings.

We have all heard of Dream Squashers and face them along the way.  They can be Family, Friends, Pessimists, etc..  Each of these are depicted in the picture.  Also along the way, you run into fear.  We all have fear.  Fear of failure, rejection, taking action, etc… the list goes on and in order to reach your goals you must overcome these fears.  I am constantly facing new fears and having to find a way to stand up to them and force my way through them.  That is all a part of personal development which is why I have started reading books and listing to motivational speakers and trainers.  Put the good stuff in, and you will find that facing fears just might get a little easier.

Another item in the picture is guilt, which is another thing I constantly face.  The guilt I need to overcome is sharing my business opportunity with someone who then joins and never does anything with it and wastes well earned money on the enrollment costs.  I know my family and friends are not rich, and the guilt I face is knowing they wasted a couple hundred dollars to join my business only to quit a few months later.  I consistently have to tell myself that we have the best deal and this industry is a fantastic way for people like me to finally change the course of our life.  Actually, it is not only going to change our life, but our family, and our entire family lineage.  Reminding myself that by simply sharing this opportunity and letting them decide, not forcing them to say yes, I can impact not only my family and friends, but their kids, and their kids kids for many generations.  This is what tell myself to overcome this guilt.

We all have dreams and goals, and there are things on our journey that we have to face in order to reach them.  Just keep your eyes on the goal and consistently remind yourself of your dreams and one day they will become your reality.


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