Launch Parties

You need to schedule a launch party for every new distributor you enroll


Greetings!  Yesterday we talked about invites.  Today, I want to discuss launch parties and how to invite your prospects to them.

Fear of Loss

Once you have sponsored a new distributor, the first step is to schedule their launch event.  The event should be between 7 and 10 days from the day you enroll them.  During this time, you and your new distributor will be out showing their White Hot market which we discussed yesterday.  When you are with the White Hot market, you will be telling them you have already scheduled a launch event and will be sharing this business idea with a ton of people.  If they like the business idea, they need to lock in their spot in the organizational structure TODAY, or risk losing out on potential business that could result from the Launch Event.  Fear of Loss is one of the biggest motivators in this business.

Invite on the day of  the launch event

When it comes time for the Launch Event, here is what you need to know.  One school of thought says to invite the day of the launch event.  Your company might say otherwise, but here is why we do it same day.  Most people don’t plan too far in advance, so when you invite them they might say they are available and agree to come. If you invite them several days out and something else comes up, they may attend the other event since they don’t know why they are coming to your event.  If you send a text same day, “Hey Bob, what are you doing today at 5pm?”  They will know exactly what they are doing because it is only a few hours away.  Once you ask this question, if you get any answer other than “Nothing” then you don’t invite them.  Just say, “No problem we can get together another time.”  The only time you move to the next step is if they say “Nothing”.  The next step is to invite them to your launch event.   You can ask them to bring something if you want, because if they have to bring drinks, ice, M&Ms, they are less likely to back out because they are bringing something.

Personal Phone call to invite

If you want to increase your odds of your prospects showing up, a personal phone call works great.  The phone call would go something like this.  “Hey Bob, hope you and the family are doing great.  Listen, I really consider you to be one of my close personal friends.  I wanted to let you know that we just started a new business and I want you to be one of the first to see what we are doing.  I can’t go into it over the phone, which is why I’m having a launch event at my house tonight at 7:30pm.  We would really appreciate it if you could attend.  I’m only sharing this right now with my close family and friends.  Can I count on you to be there?  Great we will see you tonight at 7:30pm.”

Booking a launch event is important if you want to build fast

I will go into more detail about how the launch party should flow later.  The important thing is to book a launch event immediately after enrollment.  Getting this on the calendar is extremely important.

If you make this tiny change with your new distributors and start booking launch parties first, you will be amazed at how quickly your business will start to explode!


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