Law of the Big Mo

Every leader needs Momentum to help reach their goals

WakeBoardingGreetings!  Today I would like to talk about another Law of leadership from the book, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.” This law is called the law of the Big Mo. What is the Big Mo? It is Momentum. Momentum is a leader’s best friend.  It is one of the things that will help leaders reach the goals they have for themselves and their followers. If you find yourself and your teams being stagnate and not growing or succeeding on any level, then you are dead in the water.

Have you ever tried to wake board?  If not you should try it.  It is awesome!  Let me give you a brief run down.  You start out sitting in the water with both your feet strapped to the board and a rope in your hands tied to the boat. While you are sitting there, you simply float around, similar to being dead in the water. Then the boat starts moving and you are being dragged along, water splashing against you while it feels like your arms are being pulled out of their sockets. If the boat doesn’t go fast enough to get you up out of the water, then you continue to be dragged along, water forced up your nose and mouth. You signal to the boat to go faster, and all of a sudden you pop up out of the water.  Now you are out of the water cruising along.  This is when you have achieved the Big Mo.  Popping up out of the water is when you started your momentum and as the momentum continues the higher out of the water you come, until you are completely out and cruising along. Momentum continues as long as the boat stays the same speed.

Leaders need momentum, which is why it is the leader’s best friend to help them build their organizations/teams. I have heard the analogy many times that if a locomotive is standing still, it takes a ton energy to get it moving.   Slowly, as it increases speed, the less energy it takes to keep it moving. Then once it reaches speed, there is nothing that can be put in its way to stop it. Your team with no momentum is like that train that is at a standstill. You need to go out and build up your people, or bring in new people and slowly start getting your team’s momentum going. Once it starts continue to put gasoline on the fire, one day your team will be growing so fast nothing can stop it.

Not everyone can create momentum.  It takes a leader to create momentum. There is a saying, “If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen. To apply this same saying to leaders, it would go something like, “If you can’t make some heat, get out of the kitchen”. Leaders need to begin to share with their teams their vision, passion, and enthusiasm. Once that catches fire, momentum gets stated.

What is the current condition of your organization/team? Are you dead in the water? Are you slowly moving along? Are you on fire casting vision to you teams and the Big Mo is clearly in motion for your entire organization? Take time and reflect and see where you are and make changes is any is needed.

Quote for today is found on page 201:

If the leader is looking for someone to motivate him, then the organization is in trouble. If the leader is waiting for the organization to develop momentum on its own, then the organization is in trouble. It is the leader’s responsibility to initiate momentum and keep it going.



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