Life is like a Skit


Greetings!  I took my wife to the theater.  On this particular night, instead of one long show, they decided to entertain us with about 12 small individual skits.  Most of them were great, but there was one in particular that I found most irritating.  The entire time I was watching this skit I wanted to yell out, “Network Marketing”.  Let me explain what the skit was about and you will quickly see why.

The scene starts with heaps of papers sitting on a table.  Then as the lights come on, a lady enters the stage.  She walks to the table and starts looking at the papers one at a time, all while talking about how much debt they have and how they can’t afford anything.  With each paper she touches, she talks about how this Visa bill is due soon and this MasterCard bill is due.  Then she yells out to her husband that has been laid off and in self-pity mode asks him to come out of the bedroom so they can talk about the pile of bills.   She then walks back over to the stack of bills and opens the electricity bill and goes off on a tangent about why it is so high and wondering how they are going to pay it.  Maybe they can have electric bill turned off because Abraham Lincoln did not have electricity and he survived.  Then she looks at the mortgage payment and shouts to her husband that maybe we can skip paying the mortgage again this month since the banks have so many other homes that are in foreclosure they won’t care if they are only two months behind.

The scene continues on and on for ten minutes with her all alone on the stage.  She continually yells at her off stage husband to stop sulking and at least attempt to find a job, and to come out and talk about the bills before going back to the table to peruse the next bill.  The skit was completely depressing and I could not wait for it to be over.  The entire time I really wanted to stand up and yell out to her, “There is a better way, it is called network marketing.  Do you have a few minutes for me to show you my business idea?”

I have been in this business over two years now.  I have been to enough training events, read enough books, and spoken with enough successful people in this industry to know that this is absolutely the best way for lower class and middle class people to change their lifestyle.  This industry gives us the opportunity to understand how the rich live and be able to experience it ourselves.  It also gives us the opportunity to show it to others in need and teach them how they too can be successful.  That is why when I see people drowning in financial despair, like the woman in the skit, all I want to do is tell them that there is a better way.

If you go into this business with the attitude of helping others get what they want and showing them how they can get it, then you will end up being very successful in this business.  Zig Ziglar said it best:

“If you help enough other people get what they want, then you will get what you want.”


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