How much does your cell phone weigh?

I'll bet your cell phone weighs a ton when it's time for prospecting!


Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about taking action.  I attended one of our regional training events last year and they talked about this subject.  At that event the speaker said something that I have never forgotten and think about quite often.

How much do you think a cell phone weighs?  I did a quick Google search and it weighs about five ounces.  That means it does not take much strength to pick up your cell phone and use it.  When you call your friends or family, does it hurt your muscles to make that call?  Absolutely not!  However, when it comes to your business, now how much does your cell phone weight?  It feels like 100 pounds right?  It seems like someone has taped a 100 pound weight to your phone so that it is impossible for you to pick it up and make a business call.

For some people this is true.  Many people fear making that call because they can’t control the outcome.  They do not know how the other person will react to their phone call.  This was true for me today, because I’m now calling people that are in my Real Estate database.  These are people I have not spoken to in over a year.  They all know me as Real Estate Agent Tracey, and I am now calling about a network marketing business I am working to build.  For me that is scary.  Picking up the phone today was like picking up a 100 pound dumbbell.  The trick to this business is to just take action and do it anyway.

I know it will continue to be scary for the next few weeks.  Once I figure out how to ask if they are open to another stream of income, and I hear “No” a few times, then I know it will start to become a lot easier for me.  Picking up my 100 pound cell phone and making the call will help me get better day by day and this is what is going to get me to the top.  This business has been a huge learning curve for me this past year and I still have tons more learning to do.  I am just enjoying the journey and keeping my eye on the goal.   I am doing today what others won’t, so that tomorrow I can live like others can’t!

If you want to take action, you must pick up the Cell Phone and make the call…

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