Never Quit

Greetings!  I have been reading the book “Your First Year in Network Marketing.”  If you have not read this book yet, it is a great read with a lot of great information.  One of the key points they stress over and over is to Never Quit!  Once you have found the Network Marking company you want to join, then plug in, learn the business and products your business offers, and start sharing your business.  You will constantly be told NO I’m not interested, or NO now is not a good time in my life, or just flat out NO!  There are tons of excuses people will come up with, but it all boils down to NO!  You will get discouraged, but always tell yourself to NEVER QUIT!

Some people sign up with Network Marking companies with huge dreams and are in a hurry to get started and don’t take time to be coached.  If they had been coached, they would have learned that once they start sharing the business they will be told NO time and time again.  However, those that don’t get coached and quickly run out and start sharing their business idea with family/friends they are shocked when they hear NO!  WHY?  Because they know how awesome their company is and how great the products are.  They just can’t understand why this prospect can’t see how this industry is so awesome because it offers people their TIME back, Financial Freedom, and a way to have FUN traveling the world.  Not to mention the fantastic products their company offers.

At this point, the new Distributor/Representative starts to doubt their decision to join this company.  However, they continue showing more people.  Once a few more say NO they, get completely fed up and decide to quit.  They run off telling everyone they know that this industry must be a SCAM because they singed up and showed some people that all said NO.  However, if they had taken the time to be coachable/teachable, they would understand people WILL say NO!  They will also be taught that this industry is a Numbers Game.  Just like in Sales, Real Estate, and tons of other occupations, you have to hear NO before you get to a YES!  Just because a few said NO, that doesn’t make this industry a scam.  It just means they need to go share it with MORE PEOPLE!

Once you understand and have this mindset your outlook on this industry will drastically change.  Whether you have been in this industry for one day, one month, one year, or even five+ years, just remember, no matter what obstacles you face during your venture Never Ever Ever Never Quit!!!

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