No Pressure Closing!

Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about the No Pressure Closing. The network marketing company I am involved with allows each team to have its own system.  My team’s system uses the no pressure closing.  This is perfect for me since I have never been in sales nor is my personality to try and convince someone to join, or somehow change their perspective on how this business is a much better long term choice than their Journey of the Broke (J.O.B.)


I am in the middle of the book, ‘Big Al’s Turbo MLM’, and there are a couple of chapters that discuss how this major hard closer had a 99% success rate. He could close anything.  He joined the company and wanted to help teach his sponsor how to close.  Since the sponsor had a very low closing rate, he said ok.  The sponsor setup the appointments and together they followed the system of sharing the business with 2 on 1’s.  (If you are not familiar with 2 on 1’s, that means 2 people from the company are meeting the 1 prospect).  The hard closer was 100% successful in closing 20 new prospects, but was a major jerk along the way, to close the sell.  The next month when the sponsor contacted each person to invite them to training, each one said they were busy and could not make it.  After digging deeper, he finally figured out the root cause was they were just not interested in doing the business.  The only reason they signed up was to get the hard closer off of their back and out of their house.

At this point, the sponsor quickly learned that his way of closing was much more duplicable because those that said YES really wanted to be a part of the company. Those people were willing to go to training and began to build the business, whereas those people that were forced into signing up were not.

Are you a hard closer, just trying to quickly build your down line?  Are you in this business to genuinely help people? People that have a real desire to make a change in their life will say yes.  If they say no, I have learned that usually means no…not now!  If you follow up in six months, maybe things in their lives have changed and it might be the right time.  Before you get to the closing in your next presentation, decide the closing you want.

The Choice is Yours!


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