Presenting your network marketing business

The key to presenting is using third party tools or third party expert.


Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about presenting your network marketing business.  This should be the easiest part of the entire process.  I say this because you should never present your product or business without some sort of third party tool, which I will explain in a minute.  Your other option is to have a third party expert with you at the meeting and let them present the information.  The third party expert could be your sponsor or another person from your company.  This kind of presentation is called a 2 on 1.  If you can’t find anyone to go with you to the meeting, than make sure you use a third party tool do the presentation. You should follow this system to make sure everything you do with your prospects can be duplicated.  Duplication means they can repeat everything you did, from the invite to the closing, without having to know every detail about the product or business.

By the time you get to the presentation portion of the meeting, you should already have found out their pain using the FORM or FORD method and you given your three step setup.  The next step is to pull out whatever tool you plan to use to present the information.

Your company should offer several different presentation options.  It could be a video, flip chart, power point presentation, or anything else.  Whatever you choose to use, just make sure this third party tool does all the explaining so that you don’t have to.  If you are using anything but a video, then make sure the tool you use is detailed enough that you can simply read as you point to things.  The less you say in addition to the tool, the better your chances are of enrolling the prospect.  I know that sounds crazy, but here is why.  The entire time you are presenting, your prospect is wondering if they can do what you’re doing.  If they can simply press play on a video or read a flip chart then they are more likely to believe they can do it too.

After the presentation you simply ask if they are ready to get started.  A really good closing question I use is, “So, that was really awesome, wasn’t it?”  They should respond with something positive.  If not, then you know that your business or product is not for them!  After they respond with something positive, ask, “So, are you ready to get started with the product, the business, or both?”  This assumes the sale, but yet gives them the option to choose what they want to do.  If they are ready to get started, then enroll them.

If your prospect is not ready to get started because they have questions, then respond to their first question by saying, “That is a great question.  Let me get Bob on the phone and he will be able to answer that question.”  Then introduce/edify Bob so they know who he is and why he will be able to answer their questions.  Call Bob, introduce/edify your friend to Bob, then pass the phone to your prospect, or put the phone on speaker.

Bob will share his story and answer the prospects questions.  He will ask a few closing questions to help your prospect decide if they are ready to get started.  Once they are done, hang up the phone and ask again if they are ready to get started.

The biggest thing you should understand about the presentation and closing process is that what you do has to be duplicatable.  That is why you need to use either a third party tool or have a third party expert with you to do the presentation. The more you let your tools do the presentation and the less you talk or explain things, the more likely you will be to get them enrolled.

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