Sharing your Business via 2 on 1’s

Increase your closings by using a 2 on 1 strategy

Greetings!  There are many books out there that will teach you how to share your business opportunity with your prospects.  Today, I would like to focus on one of these methods called the 2 on 1.  This approach is how our company and team recommend we share our business.

The 2 on 1 system is simply two people from your company sharing the business opportunity with one prospect.  Here is how it works.  Let’s say I just got started and my sponsor’s name is Bob.  I would schedule an appointment with my prospect, letting them know Bob will be joining me.  When we show up at the appointment, I would introduce the two of them and Bob shares the business to my prospect.  The 2 on 1 is not ganging up on one prospect but it is the senior partner coaching and teaching the new recruit how to share the business with prospects.

Once I learn how to share the business, then I go out with my new recruits and repeat the 2 on 1 process.  Doing this will insure that I am teaching my new recruits how to properly share the business with their prospects, and thereby creating what we call duplication.

Once you have been trained and know what you are doing, you will continue to share your business with your family, friends, or even strangers you meet.  This will allow you to continually build your team by adding more and more personal sponsors.  Once you are trained and your sponsor is not going on appointments with you anymore, you should still consider doing 2 on 1’s to have a third party expert to help you during the closing.  With this version of the 2 on 1, you are the one sharing the business but you have your third party expert there to share their story and also to answer any questions that might come up.  If you can’t find someone to go in person, you can simply have a 1 on 1 and after the presentation you can call your third party to share their story.  Either method produces the same results and increases your closing ratios.

The main reason I love 2 on 1’s is because when you have that third party expert there with you, the less you have to talk.  We all know that the less you talk the more money you make.


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