Stop Dabbling and Start Dominating

To make this change, you have to change your mindset


Greetings!  Today I want to talk about a real, down to earth hit, you hard, subject.  It is a total mindset and personal development subject.  At some point in your life, you end up in a situation, either business or personal, where you finally figure out that you are dabbling instead of dominating.  Today, let’s look at some things in your life that you are currently dabbling in when you should be dominating it.

As we get older, our metabolism slows down, we eat a little more, drink some not so healthy drinks.  Slowly putting on a few pounds over a few years, and before we know it we are 20, 40, maybe 80 pounds overweight.  We tell ourselves that tomorrow we will start a diet.  Maybe there is a birthday party this weekend and you love cake, so you put off starting the diet until next week.  With this attitude, days go by, months go by, because you are simply dabbling with the idea.

If you want to really make a change, you have to stop dabbling and start to dominate.  Decide today is the first day of your new life, then get up and go for a run, hit the gym, hire a personal trainer, watch what you eat, do whatever it takes.  Just make the decision and dominate it.

What about your business?  Are you just dabbling?  In network marketing, it is very easy to find yourself dabbling.  You make a phone call, send a text, or maybe email a friend once a week or perhaps every two weeks.  Then you pray they are available and want to see your business idea.  This would be dabbling.  This industry can totally change your life.  This is not a get rich quick scheme.  It takes hard work and consistency to get the results you are dreaming about.  It can be done.  Do you want it to go fast or slow?  If you dabble, you might eventually get there, but it will take you an extra-long time because you are only talking to people about your business every blue moon.  However, if you want to go fast then you will need to change your business model from dabbling to dominating.  Go Get’er Done!

Kill the dabbler inside you and release the dominator!  They say cats have nine lives.  I’m not sure how many the dabbler has, but each time you let him back into your life, he comes back stronger and bigger than before.  So, kill the dabbler and never let him back in your life. Be a dominator, take control of your life, and be a new and better you!

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