The Analogy of the Ace

Greetings!  Today I would like to discuss a topic that could help you be more open to sharing your network marketing company to your friends at a much faster pace.  This idea comes from a simple deck of cards.


Imagine for a second that you have a deck of cards in your hand.   The deck has been shuffled so you don’t know where the aces are located.  If I would be willing to pay you $100 if you found all four aces within 45 seconds, do you think you could flip cards one at a time fast enough?   I know I could.  Now let’s take that analogy and apply it to your business.

Imagine with me for a second.  The day you joined your network marketing company they handed you a deck of cards.  They said your job is to simply flip through the deck of cards and once you find all four aces you would be making $100,000+.  Before you get all bent out of shape telling me there is no way that is true, just follow along with me.  Each person you enroll in your business will represent one of these cards in your deck of cards.  We all know there are 52 decks in a card, not including the two jokers.  So in theory, if you showed and enrolled 52 people, of those 52 you enrolled, four of them would be your aces.  Out of those four people, your team could grow big enough to earn you a six figure income.


Here is the catch.  A lot of people will begin to share their company with their family and friends.   Once you get one of them to say yes, you flip over your card and you realize it is only a four.   You went through several family and friends to find the first person to say yes, and when you flipped the card it was only a four?  You do everything you can to turn the four into an Ace, but you just can’t seem to motivate them to do anything.  So you start showing more people.  A week later, you find another person to say yes to your business and then you flip the card and they are only a two.  You again try to motivate them to do something and they do nothing.  You start to wonder if this idea of a deck of cards is really true.  Then you go show more people and finally get another one to say yes.  You flip over another card and they are a Jack.  You think to yourself this is awesome.  This could be the turning point in your business.  Your last person was only a two and now you have a Jack.

You work with your new person and help them enroll two of their family/friends and realize they are only a five and a six.   Your Jack gets frustrated and stops showing people and you are back to showing more people yourself.  Although you are beginning to doubt the idea of the deck of cards, you wonder what if!  So you show more people, more say yes, and you flip over more cards… a three, a ten, an eight.  You then start getting frustrated and call your sponsor to find out what you are doing wrong.  He says you are not doing anything wrong.  As a matter of fact you are doing everything right!  You are showing people, enrolling people, and flipping your cards.  He goes on to say that we all have the same deck of cards when we enrolled in this company.  We all have four aces.  We just have to continue flipping cards until we find them.  In frustration you ask if there is anything you can do or say to the Jack to make him an Ace.  Surely there is something I can do to make that Jack an Ace.  He responds with some unfortunate news that no there is nothing you can say to do to make the Jack an Ace.  Just show more people!

Knowing you are coachable and teachable, you continue to do what your sponsor tells you to do, and you go show more people.  Then all of a sudden you put three people in at a launch event, you flip three cards over and they are a five, three, and an Ace.  When you finally get that Ace, your eyes light up because you know your business is about to forever change.  Within a week, that ace of yours has put in over 100 people on your team, and you just made $5000.

Now that you know this idea of the deck of cards is true, you start turning over cards faster and faster knowing that all you have to do is find one more Ace and it is game over.  Being in a binary compensation plan, you know that you only need one Ace on your left team and one Ace on your right team and there is no stopping the money that just flows your way.  At this point, you could care less about the twos, threes, and tens.  You are 100% focused on finding that second Ace.  Then a few months later, you are at dinner with your spouse and your waiter does a fantastic job.  So you start a conversation with her and realize that she is a single mom and has been praying for something to come her way.  You show her your business and when she says yes, you flip the next card and BAM, she is the Ace you have been looking for!

I understand that the deck of cards is just an analogy.  But how many times have you put in someone you thought would be awesome and they do absolutely nothing?  We don’t know who the Aces are.  All we can do is just continue to show more people until the Aces show up in our business.  How close are you to finding your first or possibly your next ACE?

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