The Domino Effect

DominoGreetings!  Today I would like to talk about how much of an impact you can make in countless people’s lives by simply saying yes to the network marketing industry.  We call this “The Domino Effect!”  Remember when you were a kid?  You pull out the 12/12 domino kit, that is the extra big one with twice as many dominoes, and you stand the first one up vertically.  Then you grab another domino and stand it up about an inch behind the first one.  You continue to stack the dominoes making exciting turns and twists along the way.  You spend hours upon hours stacking, being super cautious not to tip over any of the dominoes.

Once you finally have all the dominoes placed you sit back admiring your work.  After a few minutes pass, you feel some anxiety kick in because you can’t wait any longer and you want to watch your masterpiece in action.  You head back to the first domino and you tip it over.  Then watching in amazement, you see each domino getting hit by the previous domino knocking it over into the next, and the next, and the next.  You are mesmerized by the process and realize that your hours of work just took a few seconds to tip over.  Then you do it all over again!

This is how our industry works.  You find a company and get started and you become the first domino.  You and your sponsor start sharing the business idea with all of your family and friends.  When the first one says yes, that is like stacking the next domino.  You continue to share your business with more of your prospects, stacking more dominoes with each yes.  At the same time, you are helping each of your personal sponsors share the business idea with all of their family and friends.  These could be people, you know or perhaps people you don’t know.  Then you continue to help those people share this idea with their family and friends.  At this the friends of friends of friends you are now meeting and getting to know are people you don’t know.  Then they go out and share this with their family and friends and you have even more people on your team you do not know.  Some of these people could be sitting in their bedroom crying out to Jesus, wishing and praying for something that could change their life.  They are in so much pain from not having any money to support their family and their dream circle doesn’t even go outside their house.

Then someone on your team shares this business idea with a single lady with three kids, crying because she doesn’t know what to do, where to go, or even how she will feed her starving kids.  After the presentation, she knows this is a blessing from God and signs up.  Because her desire to succeed and bless her family is so strong, she goes out and puts in 100 personals and grows her team to over 100,000 people.  She no longer has to worry about where the money will come from because she is making well over six figures a year.  Remember, you did not know this lady, you did not know her life circumstances, but if you backtrack through the tipped over dominoes, you will find that it ALL started with you.  When you said yes, you were the first domino.  Just stop for a minute and think about this.  If you had said no, who would have shared this idea with her?  If no one, then how would her life look today?  Mind Blowing!

Our company has weekly calls where we get to hear stories just like this.  People that were homeless, people that were foreclosed on and cars repossessed, people that make a lot of money but are missing their kids growing up because they are time broke.  The list goes on and on.  Please understand that this industry is not 100% all about you and your needs.  If you help enough other people get what they want, then you will get what you want.  Because you said yes and are sharing it with others, there is no telling who you will bless because there are people looking for a better way, and YOU HAVE IT!


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