The Law of Addition

Invest, Learn, Teach

Law-of-Addition Greetings!  Today I would like to talk about the Law of Addition. This law states that leaders add value to others. Since joining my network marketing company, several of my goals in life have changed. My biggest goal now is to add more value to people’s lives. I know for some that can be quite difficult as there are so many different ways to add value to people.  So how can I know if I have reached that goal? That’s just it, I never plan to actually accomplish that goal, as there will always be someone else that I can add value.

The first thing one would need to do before they can add value to others is to begin working on one’s self. Personal development is the key to working on you.  Start reading books on personal development, leadership, communication, money, etc… All these topics are great ways to start learning and working on you.  Then you can start teaching others and adding value into their lives. If you have ever heard of a guy named Ray Higdon, then you know he is all about adding value to others. There is an app for your phone call Periscope. I started watching his daily videos a few months ago and he is always adding value to people by teaching. He is big into the idea of Invest, Learn, Teach. Never stop investing in yourself and learning materials. Pay whatever you have to in order to keep learning. Buy books, invest in seminars, and never stop learning. Then add value to people’s lives by teaching them. Teach via blogs, uTube videos, periscope, podcasts, anything you can do to get your information into the hands of others so they can learn.

Take time right now and think about your last investment in yourself.  When was the last time you bought a book that you learned something you can share with someone else?  When was the last time you shared something that you learned with someone?  When was the last time you added value to someone’s life?  If you want to be a great leader then you have to add value to other people.  You can do that by following the simple formula by Ray Higdon, Invest, Learn, Teach!


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