The Law of Buy-In

Someone must buy into you, before they can buy into your vision

Girls_IncGreetings!  Today I would like to talk about another law from the book I’m reading called, “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.”  This law is called the Law of Buy-In. This means that if you want to lead people, they first need to buy into you before they buy into the vision of where you are going to lead them. So many times, people want to simply cast vision of where they are going, but get no results.  The reason is the person they are casting vision to has not bought into them.

Imagine you are in front of Walmart.  Someone has a decorated table and some boxes of cookies they are selling. As soon as you walk up, he tries to cast the vision of how amazing these cookies taste and how much healthier they are for you. Would you be willing to buy from him if he did not take any time to ask you any questions, to try and build rapport, but just tried to sell you his cookies?

Now, imagine you walk up to the same store and there are some girls wearing girl scout uniforms.  Would you be more open to buying from them? You know that organization and are very familiar with them and what they do. You are familiar with their cookies and know which kind you like the best. I believe you would be more apt to buy from the girl scouts than the guy you don’t know. This is due to the law of Buy-In.

In network marketing, or any business, before you can try and sell something or cast vision for where you and your company is headed, you first must take time to get to know them, understand what needs they have.  This is simply building rapport. Your prospects must first connect with you, trust you, believe in you and your abilities. Once that happens, they will be more likely to buy or join you, and then can understand your vision and decide to run along side you.  They will be willing to invest their time/money in you and your business. However, they first must buy into you!

On a scale from 1 to 10, where do you stand with the law of buy-in? Do the people you are talking to believe in you?  Have they bought into you? Do you need to take time to work on yourself and your relationships to build more rapport before you try and cast vision for your company or idea?

If you answered yes, take time to work at becoming a better leader because if you try to sell your vision without selling yourself you will not get anywhere. Your success as a leader is measured by your ability to take someone from where they are, to where they want to go, but you can’t do that if they have not first bought into you.

My favorite quote from this chapter is on page 170:

The leader finds the dream and then the people. The people find the leader and then the dream.


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