The Law of the Lid

What kind of lid do you have on your life that is keeping you from Succeeding?


Greetings!  I just started a new book this week and wanted to share it. I’m sure most everyone reading my blog has heard of this book and probably read it. However, if someone that heard of it yet, then take my advice and go buy the book and continue to work on yourself. The name of the book is “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell. Many leaders in my company have recommended it recently, so I purchased it off Amazon last week.

I want to take the next few posts and share my take aways from the book and how it applied to my life. The first chapter covers the first law, which is called “The Law of the Lid.” Let me share a story I once heard many years ago that will explain what I mean.

Let’s say you found a flea in your house.  You want to catch him, so you take out an old glass jar. You see him on the counter and you place the jar over him. You slowly slide the jar off the edge of the counter and put the lid on the jar to trap him so he can’t jump out. Then you turn the jar over and watch him jump. He tries to jump as high as he is used to but, realizes he hits his head every time he jumps. Over time, he will learn and then train himself how high he can jump so that he will not hit his head. Once he has learned this, and you remove the lid, the flea will continue to only jump as high as he did while the lid was on the jar. Why? Because he conditioned himself to only jump high enough so as to not hit his head on the lid.

The law of the lid means that we have conditioned ourselves with a lid. We can only make so much money per year. We only have enough influence to convince our friends or family to do something we want to do. We only have enough leadership skills to tell our kids what to do and discipline them because that is our role is in life. This lid we have placed on ourselves is what is holding us back from earning more, becoming more, doing more, leading more.

One of the things I love about the network marketing industry is that it teaches people to work on personal development. Once we understand why personal development is so important, and we began reading books, listening to audios, and hanging around people that have what we want, we finally realize that there is a LID on our lives. Once you finally realize that it is there, you can then start figuring out how to raise the lid.

Now that you know about the lid, the million dollar question is how do you raise it. The answer all comes back to personal development. You have to work on yourself. Spend whatever money you need to improve yourself. It can be buying books, attending seminars/workshops, , viewing webinars , listing to audios from people like Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Tony Robins, etc…. Just spend more time on developing yourself and in time the LIDS of your life will start to go up, and eventually the lid will disappear.

Before getting into this industry, I couldn’t imagine making a million dollars in one year. I found it hard to imagine making over $150k/year. But after being introduced to this industry, listening to people in my company share their story, and meeting some of the top income earners in my company, I know it is possible and I’m working to get there. My earning potential lid has been raised.

I will continue to work on myself, raise the LIDS I have placed on myself, and become a better salesman, leader, visionary, income earner, etc… What are your LIDS? Have you figured them out?  Then start working on yourself to raise your lids! If not take a few minutes and reflect on several areas of your life, and then determine what lids you have placed on yourself. Then put a plan together and start working on yourself to raise the lid in those areas of your life. You’ve got this. You can do it. You will raise the lids of your life one lid at a time.


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