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Greetings!  Last year, my wife and I got the pleasure of attending one of Big Al’s live training seminars.  Today, I would like to talk about some of the things I learned at the event.  Hopefully, it will help you in your network marketing business as well.

Three things to be Successful

There are three things people in our business need to be successful.  Most people have the first two, but are not willing to invest in the third. The first thing you must have is a good attitude.  Unless you are Oscar the Grouch, then I’m sure you have a good attitude.  The second thing you need is motivation (in our company we call that desire).  You must have the desire to succeed or motivation to get out of whatever circumstance you are currently in.  If you joined this industry, then you probably already have the motivation.  You just might need to revisit that often to STAY motivated.  The last thing you need are the skills to make it work.  Most people are not willing to invest in books, events, or training to get better.  There are many lazy people in this industry which means it is really easy to reach the top 1% if you are willing to invest in learning the skills needed to make it to the top.  Go read some books, start attending your company events, work on yourself.

Find Prospects

Another topic discussed is finding prospects.  The best way you can find prospects is by asking your family and friends “Who do you know that has a full time and a part time job?”  You can even ask random people during the course of conversation.  People who have multiple jobs usually need to make extra money and are willing to go out and work for it.  Your business could be exactly what they are looking for!  Other questions you can ask people is, “Who do you know that would like to double their pension, doesn’t want to work 45 years like their parents, who do you know that is a good story teller?”  In our business, Facts Tell and Stories Sell.  Which means good story tellers can get paid to tell stories.  Do you know any good story tellers?  If so, go show them your business!

When looking to meet new prospects, use the “I am Just Curious” opening line.  If you see someone at the gas pump and you want to talk to them, ask, “I am just curious, where did you get that car? It is awesome!  Or, I am just curious, where did you get those shoes?  They are just what I’m looking for.”  Another variation you can try, “I am curious do you like to travel?  Would you like to know how you can sleep in until the crack of noon?  Would you like to know how to be your own boss?  Would you like to know how you can stop dropping your kids of at the daycare and paying others to raise your kids?”

Another tactic to try is using If/Then sentences to schedule a meeting, close the deal, or boldly make your point.  For example, “IF you are willing to invest time into this business, THEN you can learn how to fire your boss.  IF you are tired of dropping your kids off at the daycare warehouse, THEN let’s meet for coffee.  IF you don’t go to this next event, THEN you will be sitting on the couch wondering why you are not getting a paycheck.”

Answer Objections

The last order of business is answering objections.  Common objections might be, “Is this one of those MLM things?  Is this a pyramid scheme?  Big Al said he doesn’t get objections unless he has done something to make them think about one of these questions.  Either what you are saying or how you are presenting must be triggering objections.  So, if you are getting this a lot, then find out what you are doing to get asked this question.  Until you figure out how to change your approach, then here is an easy way to answer objections.  Simply reply: “Before I answer your question would it be ok if I asked you a question?  When you were getting your formal education, if your teacher got paid a little percentage of your future earnings, do you think you would have received a better education?  Well, that’s exactly how this business works!”

Thanks again to Big Al, Tom Schreiter, for coming to Dallas and holding a seminar.  I really enjoyed meeting him and if you ever get a chance to attend one of his seminars, I would highly recommend it.  If you have a good attitude, and  motivation, but are lacking in the skills department;  buying and reading his books would be a fantastic start to building your skills and getting you into the top 1% of this industry.  You can do it, you just have to Decide and Burn the Boat!


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