How to be a third party expert

One day your downline will look to you for help, do you know how to help them?


One day you will become your downline’s third party expert.  That means you will need to know what to do when this happens. The process is simple, but you get the harder part of handling objections!

By the time you get to being the third party expert, you should have developed your story.  Your story is a combination of why are you are involved in the company and what your results have been and how it has changed your life.  You will have listened to your mentor handle objections many times, so you should have a firm grasp on that.  These two things are the main parts to being a good third party expert.

Let’s dive into the details….

When you get a call from your team mate, let’s just call him Mark, he will have already introduced/edified you to their prospect.  When you answer the phone, Mark is then going to introduce/edify his prospect to you, so you know a little about them before you start talking.  Then Mark will hand the phone to his prospect.  The first thing you will do is chat for a few seconds.  Start with how nice it is to talk to them, what did they like best?  Then you will share your story.   After your story, then ask if they have any questions or if they are ready to get started with the product, business, or both.  Of course they will have a question!  That is why you are on the phone with them.  Once they ask their question, answer it and then follow it up with a story.   Let’s say they ask a question about how the product works.   You will answer it, and then tell a story about how that particular product helps you or someone else in the company.   Another question could be whether anyone really makes money in this.  Answer the question, and then share a story about how someone in your company that worked 60+ hours per week replaced their income and now does this full time.  After you answer each question, always remember to follow up with, “Are you ready to get started?”

After you have answered three or four questions, then cut to the chase.  Say, “Look, I could answer your questions all day, but out of respect for your time and Mark’s time let me ask you a question.  Can you do what Mark just did?”  Wait until they answer.  If they say what do you mean?  Say, “Can you invite someone to watch a video, and then get them on the phone with me to answer their questions?”  They will say yes.  Then you say, “Welcome to the team.  Are we enrolling you in the product, the business, or both?”

If you can get them to agree that they can do exactly what Mark did, they are going to say yes.  The biggest hold up anyone has about this business is, can they do it!  Once they see how easy and duplicatable this business is, they will say yes.  That is why everything you do must be duplicatable!

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