Three Levels of Sorting

Most beginners in network marketing only sort once. Professionals sort three times.


Greetings!  Last week I talked about Digging for Gold.  Today I would like to talk about something that is along a similar concept called sorting.  In the network marketing industry we are more in the sorting business than we are the selling business.  Let me share with you the three kinds of sorting we do in this industry.

Join your business

The first kind of sorting is sharing the business.  There is a cycle we follow during this sorting process.  The cycle is: Invite -> Present -> Close -> Train -> Promote, then Repeat.  We all have a names list and we start this cycle by inviting those people on our list to see our presentation.  Once we have confirmed the appointment, we present the business.  After the business presentation is over, we move into the closing phase.  Once enrolled we train and then finally we promote events so they can experience our company culture.  The prospect will either like the business idea or not.  Either way you are sorting.  If they say, “Yes,” we get them signed up. If they say, “No,” we move onto the next prospect.

Build with you

The second sort begins once the prospect decides this is a great idea and joins the company.  This sort is where we find out who are the doers and who are the ‘sit around and wait for my sponsor to put people in under me people’.  In this sort you find out who is willing to build the business with you!

Build without you

The last sort is looking for those people that are able to build without you.  In the second sort you are sifting through people to see who will build with you.  Those people are great and together both of you can build your teams to great numbers.  We all want people like this on our teams.  However, the third sort is what you are eventually looking for.  These are the people that you can leave to go on vacation for a month or two and know that they have the passion, drive, knowledge, and experience to continue to build your team even when you are not there to help or push them along.  These people are the Gold you are looking for on your team.  Always be digging and sorting to find these people.

The network marketing industry is one of sorting through tons of people.  You are looking for people that want to join your business.  Then you are looking for those that are willing to do the work and help you build.  Finally, you are looking for those that will build even when you are away.  Once you have perfected these three sorts and continually make this a habit in your business, you will be well on your way to seeing great success.


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