Two Buckets, Gas and Water.

How you use them will have different outcomes.


Greetings!  I was listening to an audio today in my car and the speaker brought up a great subject.  He discussed the idea of everyone carrying around two buckets; one filled with water and one filled with gas.  He was saying that we all carry around both of these imaginary buckets.  During the course of your daily conversations you are either throwing water or gas on the situations you encounter.  Water and gas each have the time and place.  They can be used for good or bad, depending on the situation/conversation.

Let’s say you jump into a conversation and people are talking negative about other people.  It could be at your job, it could be about customers, etc…  If you are in the network marketing industry it could be talking negative about the company, your up line, the products, etc….  Now if you are carrying both water and gas, the result of using either one would be completely different.  If you pour gas on this conversation, the fire burns hotter and the negative talk multiplies.  However, if you throw water on the conversation, it will smother out the negative talk and everyone benefits.  The next time you find yourself in a situation where people are talking negative, just imagine throwing your bucket of water on the negativity and killing it.

Now imagine yourself in a situation where someone at your office gets a promotion, or has something fantastic happen to them in their life.  Again, the gas will fuel the fire and the water will put it out.  In this situation, the best thing to do is pour gas on the fire.  You want to lift up your friends and encourage them to keep on keeping on.  Pour as much gas as you can on that fire and keep it alive as long as possible!  In this instance, using the water would kill the flames instead of keeping them alive and instead of encouraging your friend you would be discouraging them.

Your words, actions, and choices have the power to kill and destroy.  But you also have the power to ignite and keep the fire alive.  Based on the situation, you have to choose which bucket you will use.  The choice is yours!


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