What is Leverage?

How does leverage help you with your network marketing business

100-People-EffortsGreetings!  Today I would like to talk about Leverage.  Leverage can be used to make money in many different industries.  If you like to build your wealth using Real Estate, then you buy homes using the least amount of your own money as possible and finance the rest.  You put a tenant in the house and that tenant pays you monthly rent which you then use to pay the mortgage and related expenses.  Then you keep what is remaining as cash flow.  Using this scenario you are leveraging ‘other people’s money’ so that you can cash flow.

In network marketing, you are leveraging not only your efforts, but your entire team’s efforts.  There is a quote by John D. Rockefeller, “I would rather earn 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own efforts.”  That is the way the network marking industry works.  If you have 10 people on your team, and each of them work one hour per day that would be 10 hours of work.  If you did the same work yourself, it would take 10 hours.  Pretty easy math.  If you had 100 people on your team, and each only worked one hour per day, it would take you four days with no break for sleeping or eating to work the same number of hours.  Now imagine the same 100 people are not only working for just one hour for one day, but one hour for five days of the week.  How long would it take you to work those same 500 hours?  Quick answer, 21 days non-stop!

Imagine how many people you would have to know or meet in order to be able to grow your business at the same rate that leveraging 100 people and their sphere of influence can reach.  You might not know anyone in Australia, Philippines, Italy, Norway, Spain, etc… but you might know someone that knows someone that lives there.  If you have people on your team in other countries sharing your business idea, then you can actually be making money while you sleep.  I once heard someone say their goal in life is to be able to make money while sleeping, and also to be able to make money in every time zone.  Just imagine what life would look like if either or both of these were true for you.  I do not know of many financial vehicles that you can be a part of that will do this, but I do know that the Network Marketing industry can and does for many people.

There is a term called ‘6 degrees of separation’.  That means everyone and everything is six or less connections away from knowing or being introduced to anyone in the world.  That means you know a friend, who knows a friend, etc… that could introduce you to anyone in the world.  If the theory is true and you are less than six connections away from everyone in the world, imagine how much quicker you and a team of 100 or even 1,000 people could reach the world!  Once you have learned to leverage other people, you will quickly find yourself on the right side of the cash flow quadrant and well on your way to living like the rich!


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